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Google Search Now Shows “Popular Times” When Local Businesses Are Busiest – What Does This Mean for Your Small Business?


According to a recent article in TechCrunch, Google Search recently announced some changes to the way they show search results for local businesses. From now on, whenever you search Google for the name of a local business – whether it’s a restaurant, a coffee shop, a retail store, etc. – along with the store hours… Read more

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What You Need to Make Sure You’re Including in Your Local Marketing Strategy


Taking advantage of successful marketing trends – like personalized connections with brands and customized user experiences – is a great way to reach new and existing prospects. After all, there’s no better place to engage with your customers than in their own backyard. The “buy small” and “buy local” movements are still going strong, so… Read more

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Facebook Launches “Call Now” Button to Connect Customers Directly with Local Businesses

Facebook Call Now

  Over the past few months, we’ve profiled Facebook’s latest initiatives to improve their digital marketing offerings to small businesses like Creative Shop and new ad targeting options. And with the Call Now button, business’ can now include a direct line in their Facebook ads and create an instant connection. Facebook’s revenue from small business… Read more

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Throwback Thursday: Local Marketing Article Roundup


While focus on a widespread digital marketing strategy is important, it’s easy to lose sight of focusing on local marketing. Focusing on local marketing allows you to network, helps build your word-of-mouth marketing, and strengthens your reputation. Even if you’re a national brand, local marketing can still help build brand awareness; if locals love your business, they in… Read more

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Using Real-Time Marketing to Fill a Restaurant during Slow Hours


Every restaurant has those off-peak times when seats are hard to fill. If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ve probably tried a variety of ways to increase the number of customers during these hours. Of course, it’s not as simple as introducing a new menu. Increasing sales during slow times can be one of the most… Read more

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How Small Businesses Can Make Big Impressions with Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is the lifeblood of many small businesses. When you have customers who keep coming back to buy from you, again and again, it’s cheaper and easier to keep your business running. Loyal customers bring you bigger profits and also can serve as your company’s best word of mouth marketing – because the people… Read more

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3 Focused Steps to Use Google PPC to Compete With “The Big Guys” [WEBINAR RECAP]

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our webinar this week where we covered a few advanced topics on how to grow your business using Google AdWords and Pay Per Click advertising, in partnership with PPCPath. This was a follow-up to a webinar we hosted in January, 4 Steps to Create An All-Star Local Paid Search Campaign In… Read more

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8 of the Biggest Myths About Local Marketing and How They May Be Hurting Your Business

For small business owners getting ready to take the next step, online marketing can feel incredibly overwhelming with the constantly evolving landscape and the non-stop flow of information. As you continue to become familiar with the ins and outs of online marketing, it’s important to separate the myths from the facts. Myth: You don’t need… Read more

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Google Goes Local: How The Search Engine Is Helping Put Small Businesses Online

  Google just launched the Get Your Business Online program, which allows small businesses to be found on Google Maps and establish their first web page, all for free. Once your small business is online, you can build a loyal fan base and customers can write reviews of your company. According to Google, “97% of… Read more

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Turn Yelp Into Your Five-Star Friend [INFOGRAPHIC]

For some time, Yelp has received backlash from small businesses owners who have their business featured as a location on the site to review – some businesses have even started posting anti-Yelp signs in their establishment or promoting ‘Hate us on Yelp’ campaigns. Many small business owners have complained about Yelp threatening to harm their online reputation… Read more