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Category Archives: Local Marketing

Local Marketing, Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Technology

Digital Loyalty Programs: Are They Right For Your Business?

    Have you ever thought about creating a customer loyalty program for your business? Over the past year, an increasing number ofRead More

Local Marketing, Marketing

Unleash the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing: What to Do and Avoid

    Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is an important part of every business. Word of Mouth Marketing (also referred to as WordRead More

Local Marketing, Marketing

4 Reasons Why Appeals to ‘Shop Local’ May Be Falling on Deaf Ears

  If there’s an elephant in the room of the ‘Shop Local’ movement it’s this: If three quarters of U.S. consumers are awareRead More

Local Marketing, Marketing

10 Impactful Local Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

Local marketing is one of the most powerful ways for small businesses to connect with new customers in your own backyard. As weRead More

Local Marketing, Marketing, Small Business Tools

How Facebook Crossed the Small Business Gap by Launching Local Ads

    When traveling through different states, the ads that stand out the most on TV are the local ones. Instead of aRead More

Health & Beauty, Local Marketing, Marketing, Small Business Tools

Are Discount Coupon Sites Like Groupon the Best Way to Market Your Salon Business?

      Groupon and other daily deal/discount coupon sites have become one of the most popular ways for hair stylists, beauticians, andRead More

Local Marketing, Marketing, Restaurant and Bars, Retail & Inventory

The Worst Restaurant Ever: The Yelp Backlash

    As a business owner, you’ve probably heard time and time again that referral traffic, word of mouth marketing, and customer reviewsRead More

Local Marketing, Marketing, Research, Small Business Tools, Starting A Business

Competitive Analysis on the Local Level: How to Size Up Your Neighborhood Competition

      Whether you’re starting a new business or just re-evaluating your marketing plan for your existing business, one of the mostRead More

Kabbage Customers, Local Marketing, Marketing

Why Local Marketing Really Makes a Difference for Small Businesses

Local marketing is more important to small businesses than ever before. Our theme for the month of November is “why local matters,” andRead More

Local Marketing, Marketing, Small Business Tools, Social Media

Would you pay for better ratings on Yelp? Court says it’s OK.

  By Ben Gran Many small businesses rely on online customer reviews to help with word of mouth advertising and to help buildRead More