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Small Business Holiday Season Planning: 15 Week eCourse to Help You to Survive and Thrive


The holiday season is upon us and, if you’re a small business owner, you’re probably thinking, “Yes, I’m aware. And I don’t need the extra stress, so please don’t remind me.” Well, we want to relieve some of that stress for you, so we’ve created an eCourse with the busy business owner in mind. “15… Read more

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Amazon Seller Resources to Help You Sell Your Products Faster and Easier

sell your products with Amazon Partners

Amazon has become the world’s largest and most influential site for online retail, and one of the biggest parts of Amazon’s success is its marketplace for third-party retailers to sell products via Amazon’s platform. Many Amazon sellers are independent small business owners – Red Raven Boutique and PIP Gaming & Electronics are both Kabbage customers… Read more

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How a Working Capital Loan Helped a Small Business Expand to New Markets in 2015

The past few years of recovery from the Great Recession have been difficult times for small business lending, as many small business owners have struggled to get access to credit. Now that the economy is back on its feet, many small business owners are looking to invest in business expansions, and they are looking beyond… Read more

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7 Valuable Ways a Business Loan Will Scale Your Revenue

  Each month, more than 500,000 small businesses are started, according to the Small Business Administration as reported on Forbes. Most of these businesses have to somehow be financed in order to get off of the ground. Of the businesses that need financing, sources include savings from the owner, loans from family or friends, commercial… Read more

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Business Growth Pitfalls to Avoid

Every small business wants to grow – but sometimes it’s possible to grow your business “too fast.” Companies that experience high rates of growth often encounter unique new challenges that the small business owners might not have been prepared for. Although these are often “good problems to have” (it’s better to have an insanely fast-growing… Read more

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Facebook Versus Pinterest: Who Drives More Sales?

When was the last time you left your home without your phone in your hand, especially to go shopping? There’s no doubt that local marketing has a remarkable impact on small businesses, with four out five users using their smartphones to shop. Another indisputable fact is that there are a plethora of social media networks… Read more

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How Do You Compete With Amazon?

Whether you’re an online retailer, the owner of a brick and mortar retail store, or a combination of the two, Amazon is almost certainly your most formidable competitor. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has become the world’s largest online retailer. It first started as an online bookstore, but the company soon began offering… Read more

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What A Garage Sale Can Teach You About Sales Tactics

Can running your business like a garage sale be the key to success? It is definitely a possibility. Garage and yard sales can teach a small business owner a lot about the ins and outs of handling their products and services. The most important thing you can learn from a garage sale is how to… Read more

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5 Ways to Counteract Slow Sales

The holiday season is long gone and as spring begins to turn into summer, sales slowly begin to decrease. So how do you keep momentum moving forward in a slow market? Merchants are constantly looking for new ways to incentivize their customers to spend during the slow seasons to help their bottom line. And slow… Read more

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Turn January from Slow Time to Go Time

Turn January from Slow Time to Go Time The holiday decorations have been boxed up and put away, and the droves of shoppers are nowhere to be found. The first few weeks of the year are often a gloomy time for small business owners. But your business doesn’t necessarily have to suffer a post-holiday shopping… Read more