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Category Archives: Sales

Marketing, Retail & Inventory, Sales, Shipping

Buying and Selling Products in Lots: The Pros and Cons

Online sellers have debated for years about the pros and cons of selling and buying in bulk/lots versus singular items. Search on eBayRead More

Holiday & Seasonal Marketing, Marketing, Sales

How to Take Advantage of Post-Holiday Sales

by Lynn Dralle www.thequeenofauctions.com Once the Christmas rush is over, there is an incredible opportunity awaiting all of us online sellers. You see,Read More

Holiday & Seasonal Marketing, Marketing, Sales

Holiday Sales Crash Course

We’re really getting in the home stretch here for the holidays. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and then the crazy time comes! Things lookRead More

Holiday & Seasonal Marketing, Marketing, Sales

There’s Plenty of Selling to be Done BEFORE Cyber Monday

Coined in 2005 by Shop.org, the term “Cyber Monday” is a marketing term for the Monday following Black Friday, i.e. for ecommerce sellers,Read More