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How to Take Product Image Pictures That Don’t Suck

product photography

If you’re a small business selling online, whether it’s on Etsy, eBay or on your own ecommerce site, quality product image pictures are everything. In fact, an eBay study that reviewed 6.8 million listings found that adding photos with better quality resulted in 5 percent more sales. There are some pretty hideous product pictures out… Read more

Website Design

Setting Up a Killer Website that Reflects Your Business Brand


You may be leaving money on the table every single day. According to a survey from Google, it turns out that more than half of U.S. small businesses don’t have an online presence. While business owners know where to go when they need to pick up insurance, phone lines or printers, they aren’t so sure… Read more

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10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

A lot of small businesses don’t have a website, or if they do, they believe their site should act as an electronic business card. We’re here to tell you that’s not true. Your website should generate traffic, which in turn should lead to conversions (walk-ins, phone calls, emails, social following, etc.). These conversions are important… Read more

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Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Your Business Website for the Holiday Season [WEBINAR RECAP]

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our webinar last week on How to Optimize Your Business Website for the Holiday Season. If you missed the webinar, you can view the video playback on our Kabbage Kam Webinars YouTube Channel and view the slides on our SlideShare. Both the slides and video are also embedded at the… Read more

Holiday & Seasonal Marketing, Marketing, Website Design

The Top 5 Website Updates You Need to Make Before the Holiday Rush

  Most small business owners deck out their brick and mortar storefront for the holidays, but neglect to add the same holiday cheer to their website. Luckily, that won’t be you this year, since you’re one of the special few who understand that a website is a virtual storefront that deserves the same attention as… Read more

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Negotiating for IT + PR + Admen + Graphic Designers

This article was originally published by It’s BlueVine’s mission to be the fastest and easiest way to get invoices paid, helping small business owners to free up cash for paying expenses and growing their company. Negotiation is a key component of being a succesful business owner. As a freelancer you have the capability to become an… Read more

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6 Digital Marketing Tips For 2014

The world is quickly becoming digitized. As of January 2014, 90 percent of Americans adults have a mobile phone, 58 percent have smart phones, and 42 percent have tablet computers. Because so many people are joining the digital world, there are many new ways for you to reach new customers and connect with current fans… Read more

Website Design

If Your Website Doesn’t Do These 3 Things, You’re Losing Money

By: Kabbage Partner, Weebly Building a website for your business is hard. From design and visual elements, to content and branding, the list of essential considerations is huge. You can develop and improve many of these pieces over time, but if you neglect these 3 crucial elements you’re probably losing money. 1. Shopping Cart Optimization You’ve… Read more

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Improving Your Shopify Store

A growing number of small business owners are increasing sales with Shopify. The eCommerce platform has the capabilities of helping both large and small businesses alike with everything from order management to customer service and email marketing. To maximize the effectiveness of this platform, businesses must have both an understanding of the platform and a… Read more

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Improving Your Magento Store

Magento is a growing, evolving platform for eCommerce. Because of this, improving your Magento store can be confusing. There are many features and options, and understanding them can be challenging. However, Magento’s capabilities for customization still makes it a platform that many small business owners prefer when it come to online sales. Whether you’re selling… Read more