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Kabbage News

Kabbage Brussels Sprouts – Profiling Our Summer Interns

Kabbage’s new crop of summer interns, known fondly as the “Brussels Sprouts,” has been hard at work for the past few weeks, occupying themselves with projects and research to fill their respective roles within their teams. We interviewed the interns to gain a better understanding of what they’re working on and what they love about… Read more

Kabbage News

2018 Reviews of

One question we hear a lot –  Is Kabbage legit? We know it’s easy to be skeptical about a new company with a new product; it’s difficult to share private info about yourself and your business. Signing up for working capital or a small business loan can be especially scary because you fear the fine… Read more

Kabbage News

Kabbage’s Commitment to Wellness

As part of our core value of Caring Deeply, Kabbage has created a comprehensive program to incorporate wellness into their Kabbage experience. From offering company-sponsored fitness classes to having health equipment and supplies onsite, our goal is to make it easy for team members to be active and healthy. Our company-sponsored wellness initiatives range from… Read more

Kabbage News

Kabbage Kares: How We Prioritize Corporate Giving

Each of our core values is crucial to making Kabbage what it is, but you could argue that “caring deeply” is the company’s cornerstone. It’s important that we always step back to ensure what we’re doing supports our teammates, customers, investors and communities. Kabbage Kares provides volunteer opportunities each month – from our annual trip… Read more

Kabbage News

Atlanta Small Businesses: 7 Ways to Survive I-85 Collapse

When the unexpected happens, it’s easy to say you’re not prepared. For Atlanta small business owners, if you would have asked your neighbor what was going to happen two weeks ago, the last thing they would have said was the I-85 bridge collapsing. The bridge, which sees roughly 250,000 cars per day, has caused massive… Read more

Kabbage News

Kabbage Head Interview: Amy Zimmerman, Head of People Operations

Name: Amy Zimmerman Position: Head of People Operations How long have you worked at Kabbage? I’ve worked at Kabbage since the very beginning as a consultant and five years as a full-time team member. Fun fact: Kabbage is the second high-growth, successful start-up that I’ve been part of from the very beginning. My first experience… Read more

Kabbage News

The Kabbage Advantage: How We Care Deeply About Our Team Members

If you like sipping cold-brewed coffee while developing your professional skills next to your coworker’s dog, Kabbage just might be the place for you. At Kabbage, we offer an incredibly unique and dynamic working environment. One of our core values is Caring Deeply, and that extends beyond just our customers and investors. We love spoiling… Read more

Kabbage News

Rewards for Results: The Sabbatical as the Ultimate Reward

The above photo is of Troy, our Head of Product & User Experience, and his wife, Joni, in Rome, Italy. For Troy’s Kabbage sabbatical, they spent six weeks traveling in Spain, Italy and Greece. Remember how exciting summer vacation was? The pure joy of freedom and no responsibility – just time to play, relax and have… Read more

Kabbage News

Small Business News: National Entrepreneurship Month

President Obama has declared November 2016 as National Entrepreneurship Month in the United States. This month is meant to be a celebration of the contribution that business owners have made to our country and to encourage entrepreneurship in the future. Here’s what you need to know about National Entrepreneurship Month: What Is Natural Entrepreneurship Month? In 2010,… Read more

Kabbage News, Small Business Spotlight

Kabbage Elevator Pitch: Meet Our Small Business Pitch Winner!

     We have a winner! One entrepreneur took home $10,000 for a small business pitch! This fall, we took our commitment to small businesses to a new level with our Elevator Pitch contest. Small businesses were invited to submit their best business pitches for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch superstar entrepreneur, inventor and contest… Read more