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Category Archives: Kabbage News

Kabbage News

Kabbage Brussels Sprouts – Profiling Our Summer Interns

Kabbage’s new crop of summer interns, known fondly as the “Brussels Sprouts,” has been hard at work for the past few weeks, occupyingRead More

Kabbage News

2018 Reviews of Kabbage.com

One question we hear a lot –  Is Kabbage legit? We know it’s easy to be skeptical about a new company with aRead More

Kabbage News

Kabbage’s Commitment to Wellness

As part of our core value of Caring Deeply, Kabbage has created a comprehensive program to incorporate wellness into their Kabbage experience. FromRead More

Kabbage News

Kabbage Kares: How We Prioritize Corporate Giving

Each of our core values is crucial to making Kabbage what it is, but you could argue that “caring deeply” is the company’sRead More

Kabbage News

Atlanta Small Businesses: 7 Ways to Survive I-85 Collapse

When the unexpected happens, it’s easy to say you’re not prepared. For Atlanta small business owners, if you would have asked your neighborRead More

Kabbage News

Kabbage Head Interview: Amy Zimmerman, Head of People Operations

Name: Amy Zimmerman Position: Head of People Operations How long have you worked at Kabbage? I’ve worked at Kabbage since the very beginningRead More

Kabbage News

Rewards for Results: The Sabbatical as the Ultimate Reward

The above photo is of Troy, our Head of Product & User Experience, and his wife, Joni, in Rome, Italy. For Troy’s Kabbage sabbatical,Read More

Kabbage News, Small Business Spotlight

Kabbage Elevator Pitch: Meet Our Small Business Pitch Winner!

     We have a winner! One entrepreneur took home $10,000 for a small business pitch! This fall, we took our commitment toRead More

Kabbage News, Women in Business

Kabbage Town Hall: Women in Small Business Month Panel

Kabbage Town Hall: Women in Small Business Month Panel At Kabbage, it’s a tradition for all Kabbage employees to gather together for aRead More

Kabbage News

Don’t Miss Future Stars 2016: The Premiere Networking and Career Event for Fintech in Atlanta

Fintech companies in Georgia generate about $72 billion in annual revenues. Only New York and California produce more income from financial technology, making Georgia thirdRead More