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3 Ways Introverted CEOs Can Leave Behind Their Mark in Business

For years, the CEO stereotype has been depicted as more extroverted than introverted. Whenever these figures are portrayed in the media, they’re often viewed as charismatic, able to command a room and armed with a laundry list of accomplishments that touch everything in their lives from an Ivy League education to previous successful work experiences…. Read more

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7 Simple Strategies to Build Rapport Between Coworkers

When poor relationships exist between coworkers, productivity is more likely to be waylaid by tensions, inter-office conflicts, and ineffective communication. In contrast, when coworkers know and respect each other — and know how to work together effectively — the entire company runs more smoothly and efficiently. Good relationships between coworkers also boosts morale, which can… Read more

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Small Business Owners Give Back

Small businesses are the cornerstone of America, so it’s important to give back to your local communities by supporting your local small business. Kabbage asked small businesses owners how they support their communities. As a small business owner, how do you give back to your local community? “I give back by tutoring foster children on… Read more

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5 Unconventional Ways to Build a Strong Team

What is a strong team? A team that is driven, where every member plays an equal role, one that shares a strong bond with each other, one in which everyone is learning, growing and satisfied. If you go on Google and search for tips to run a successful startup, one of the first things to… Read more

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Increase Productivity with These Home Office Hacks

As a small business owner, working from home is a great way to begin your business. It eases the stress of bills while also saving you from the dreaded rush hour traffic. You also may look forward to how much you’ll get done: washing the dishes in-between emails, folding the laundry while on a call,… Read more

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How Work Environment Increases Productivity and Work Effort

There are several things that a business office needs to create and maintain success. What small business owners might not realize is that office furniture is one of them. The right office furniture can not only help to increase the level of productivity amongst all workers, but it can also drive a business to its… Read more

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How to Manage Your Time Productively

When it comes to keeping a small business running, there are always a lot of little things to do that keep both owners and employees too busy to take care of the more important tasks. No matter what type of work you do, it is important to know how to manage your time productively. It’s… Read more

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10 Ways to Manage Stress in Small Businesses

Employees and employers alike have all experienced stress in the workplace and it can be hard to manage at times. Here are five ways employees can take action to ease their stress and five ways small business owners can help them do so without hurting their budget. If you’re an employee, try these tips to… Read more

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Cost-Effective Perks to Attract and Keep Top Talent

Big business deals and big businesses are more often than not the focus of attention-grabbing headlines. What they’re doing, who they’re merging with, even how many people they’re hiring and firing – those are news stories that receive lots of attention. But what should, and doesn’t, receive as much attention are small businesses. There are… Read more

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I Am That Girl: A Book Review

  For National Women in Small Business Month, we teamed up with women business owners and leaders to review books written by women, for women. Below, Lynn Davidson of Jelco Props reviews I Am That Girl: How To Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose and #bethatgirl by Alexis Jones. These opinions are solely those of the reviewer and… Read more