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9 Office Trends Small Business Owners Should Know

Trends are always changing – even in the workplace. While larger companies might be in the loop of what’s trending, smaller companies are less likely to be in the know. With fewer employees, small business owners may have less access to information about popular culture, especially when it comes to office trends. However, in order… Read more

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Why Atlanta Infographic: The Benefits of Living and Working in the ATL

Atlanta has become a destination for those seeking everything from music and cuisine to universities and career opportunities. Kabbage is proud to call Atlanta home to our headquarters because it’s a great location for our team members to grow their careers and enjoy diversity the city has to offer. When it comes to leisure activities… Read more

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How Fintech Has Helped the Small Business Lending Industry Grow

Fintech has capitalized on the relationships that can be formed between finance and technology to drive innovation for everyone from businesses to everyday consumers. Whether it is having the capability to access a bank account on a tablet or paying for an in-store product with a mobile phone, these ties formed between finance and technology… Read more

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The Role of Data Science in Fintech

The following piece is co-written with our friends at The Data Incubator. The application of computation and statistics to the real world has opened up an entire new paradigm. Named data science, it is in the process of transforming everything from media to business into more efficient and productive endeavors. Nowhere has data science been… Read more

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Identifying the Right Software for Your Small Business | Webinar Recap

Thanks to all the attendees of our February webinar, Identifying the Right Software for Your Small Business, featuring Marc Prosser, from Fit Small Business. If you missed the webinar, you can view the video playback on our Kabbage KamWebinars YouTube Channel and view the slides on our SlideShare. Both the slides and video are also embedded at the bottom… Read more

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How Secure Is Your Online Small Business?

online business security

The good news about online businesses is that you can reach anybody, anywhere in the world with an office based out of your home. There’s literally no better model for maximizing profits while minimizing expenses. The bad news about online businesses is that anybody, anywhere in the world can target your traffic, finances and client… Read more

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What Can the Thumbtack Small Business Sentiment Survey Teach Us About the Economy?


  One of the ways for small business owners to evaluate their strategies and make decisions about future business investments is to look at the overall state of the economy – whether it’s the local economy in your area, the national economy as a whole or the ups and downs of whichever niche market your… Read more

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Amazon’s New Free Shipping for Small Items May Hurt Local Retailers


Amazon announced that they will be offering free shipping to all customers for smaller items purchased on the site. The program will help them compete with big-box retailers like Wal-Mart and local grocery stores. Until now, customers have been reticent to purchase things like beauty and cleaning products online because of shipping costs – it’s… Read more