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Quarterly Tax Tip Sheet for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

No matter the business, quarterly taxes are important to keep up with to avoid potential fines. The Wall St. Journal reported in August that the IRS has found a 40 percent increase in the number of Americans who didn’t pay enough in estimated quarterly taxes, between 2010 and 2015. That can affect you and your… Read more

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3 Ways Minority Business Loans Offer Support

In this current economic climate, it can be tough for small business owners to find funding. Sadly, it’s even tougher for business owners who also happen to be minorities. At the same time, businesses may have trouble operating and growing without adequate financing. This may be true for members of all sorts of minority groups,… Read more

Minority Businesses

Is There a VC Bias in Funding for Minority-Owned Businesses?

With more than $58 billion invested in startups across the U.S., 2015 was the second highest year for venture capital funding in the last 20 years. But, based on a study conducted by CB Insights, it is likely only 1 percent ($580 million) found its way to minority business enterprises (MBE). That is the startling… Read more

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The Benefits of Being A Minority-Owned Business

Businesses that are certified as minority-owned can take advantage of special government programs, including increased access to government contracting opportunities that can help them grow quicker. Find out whether your organization may qualify for this designation, how to become certified and how this might help your business. Does Your Business Qualify as a Certified Minority-Owned… Read more

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8 Entrepreneurial Ideas for Moms that Want to Work from Home

8 Entrepreneurial Ideas for Moms that Want to Work from Home

Moms that want to work from home have more opportunities than ever before. Here are eight ideas for entrepreneurial-minded moms that want to generate income without selling. The number of sole proprietors in the U.S. has grown more than 28 percent over the past decade; in part, because of innovations in technology and startup funding… Read more

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Where Black-Owned Businesses Should Look to Expand

Where Black-Owned Businesses Should Look to Expand

Black-owned businesses have grown exponentially in the United States. According to the 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express OPEN, black-owned businesses account for 2.5 million firms in the United States. As black entrepreneurs look to scale their companies, they should seek out growth opportunities through expansion, franchising and investing. Currently, the… Read more

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These 5 Hispanic Business Owners Tell Us Challenges They Ran into on the Path to Business Ownership

These 5 Hispanic Business Owners Tell Us Challenges They Ran into on the Path to Business Ownership

For Hispanics, the “American dream” is no different than it is for other ethnicities. The goal of owning a comfortable home, having money in the bank and putting the kids through college drives individuals from every walk of life toward entrepreneurship. As the United States’ fastest growing minority, exceeding more than 55 million, Hispanics are… Read more

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Celebrating Women’s Small Business Month: An Infographic About Women Rising in the Workforce


With it being Women’s Small Business Month, we thought it a perfect opportunity to share this infographic from our friends at All Business Schools. The infographic is a snapshot of women in today’s workforce, as well as the progress they’ve made and the obstacles they still face.  

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Women Business Owners Have 4 Times the Wealth of Female Employees


Starting a small business is a great way for people to take control of their schedules, maximize their income and explore their full potential in their careers and personal lives – and the benefits of small business ownership appear to be particularly strong for women entrepreneurs. According to The Business Journals SMB Insights 2015 white… Read more

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3 Tips for Starting a Small Business With a Disability [Updated 2018]

Starting a Small Business With a DisabilityStarting a Small Business With a Disability

Updated March 23, 2018. People with disabilities often are underrepresented and underutilized in the workplace. They tend to experience higher rates of unemployment than the general population, even though many people with disabilities are able and eager to work. One solution for people with disabilities who are struggling to find the right job or the… Read more