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Category Archives: Minority Businesses

Cash Flow, Finance & Accounting, Minority Businesses, Small Business Loans, Women in Business

6 Sources of Grants and Funding for Women-Owned Businesses in the UK


One challenge for women-owned businesses in the UK is that women have traditionally been less likely than men to start businesses. According toRead More

Cash Flow, Finance & Accounting, Minority Businesses, Small Business Loans

Small Business Funding Options for Native American Small Business Owners

Small Business Funding Options for Native Americans

The Native American business community is an important engine of the U.S. economy. According to the United States Census, in 2007, 236,967 AmericanRead More

Minority Businesses, Productivity

Proven Ways to Successfully Manage Small Business When You Have ADHD

small business adhd

    The challenges of running a small business and its finances are tough enough for the neurotypical, but as it turns out,Read More

Minority Businesses

Four Latino-Owned Businesses Making a Mark in Hawaii


Latinos continue to make big contributions to the American economy. Data from the U.S. census indicates that for the period between 2002 andRead More

Minority Businesses

Girls Allowed: 5 Women Proving They Can Nail the Tech Game and Pave the Way for Others


It all started on the playground. “You’re a girl! You can’t do [math/science/tech/insert subject here].” And so from there, both boys and girlsRead More

Minority Businesses

What it Means to Be a Minority Business Owner in 2015


This year we have continued to see a colorful mosaic represent the face of entrepreneurs in the United States. Likely due to anRead More

Company Culture, Minority Businesses, Retail & Inventory

Don’t Get Lost in Translation: Overcoming Language Barriers in Business

Have you considered growing your business internationally? Would your customer base increase significantly if you could effectively communicate with the ethnic groups inRead More

Data & Trends, Minority Businesses

Black Entrepreneurs are Emerging as Innovators

The surge in black-owned businesses is changing the face of innovation in the U.S. In fact, it’s even changing the faces of SiliconRead More

Minority Businesses

I’m a Small Business and a Minority – How Can I Compete?

Minority businesses are fueling small business growth in the United States. The number of minority-owned businesses is experiencing rapid growth in part becauseRead More

Minority Businesses

The Steps and Benefits to Becoming Certified as a Minority Business Owner

If you are a minority business owner, it’s a good idea to become certified as a minority-owned business. Government agencies and corporations actuallyRead More