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Minority Businesses

I’m a Small Business and a Minority – How Can I Compete?

Minority businesses are fueling small business growth in the United States. The number of minority-owned businesses is experiencing rapid growth in part because their demographic is growing. The 2010 census reported that minority business owners were outpacing their non-minority counterparts at more than twice the national rate. That same census also predicted that by the… Read more

Minority Businesses

The Steps and Benefits to Becoming Certified as a Minority Business Owner

If you are a minority business owner, it’s a good idea to become certified as a minority-owned business. Government agencies and corporations actually set goals for conducting business and buying from minority-owned companies, so becoming certified immediately increases your business’ appeal. Corporations want to do business with minority-owned businesses because they realize that U.S. minorities… Read more

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Keep Calm and Pay Attention to the Growing Latino Market

The Latino market is poised to spend $1.3 trillion this year and Hispanics will make up 30 percent of the U.S. population by the year 2060, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reasons why no business can afford to ignore this growing segment of the marketplace. Here’s… Read more

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Why Women Start Businesses: They’re Undervalued at their Corporate Jobs

More women are starting businesses than ever before. According to stats cited in this Kabbage article from October in honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, since 1997, the number of women-owned businesses has increased by 59 percent, and the revenues of women-owned companies have increased 63 percent. The rise of female entrepreneurship is a… Read more

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The 5 Best and Worst Cities for Hispanic Business Owners

When a farmer decides to plant a seed, he makes sure that the ground is fertile enough to nurture that crop. When selecting the location of a new business, the same principle applies to small business owners. Just like soil, there are characteristics of different cities that give small businesses a better or worse chance… Read more

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Latino Entrepreneurs Crippled by Credit Crunch

Having access to working capital could mean the difference between the failure and success of a business. The worst of the Great Recession of 2007 is slowly receding and big banks are starting to lend to small businesses again. According to the Small Business Administration, Hispanic immigrant-owned businesses have an average sales level of $257,000… Read more

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Book Review: “Now What Do I Say?” Practical Workplace Advice for Younger Women

  It’s sad to say, but even though it’s 2014, a lot of women are not getting equal respect or equal opportunities in the workplace. Women are still a minority of small business owners. Sometimes women in the workplace (unfortunately) have to deal with difficult misunderstandings, communication problems, or even mean-spirited or ignorant comments. This… Read more

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How To Break Through The Language Barrier

If your business isn’t marketing in any language other than English, you probably aren’t capitalizing on the fact that because of social media platforms and the Internet in general, you have the capacity to reach many different countries around the globe. Multilingual marketing is good for any business because the number of non-English speaking Internet… Read more

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How To Promote Diversity in Your Small Business

Author: Madie Hodges Diversity in the workplace can translate into diversity in your consumer base. Promoting workplace diversity by taking an active stance on valuing it in all aspects of your business is good practice because it can help you understand the needs and differences about a variety of consumers and employees. Cultural diversity allows… Read more

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Using Grants for Starting Businesses

Using Grants for Starting Businesses – What You Need to Know If you’ve ever stayed up late watching TV, you’ve probably seen commercials that boast being able to help you obtain “free money from the government” for starting a business. Yes, there are certainly a number of government grant programs that are available. However, for… Read more