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10 Reasons Restaurants Fail (and Solutions to Avoid Each One)

Although there is disagreement about the rate at which restaurants fail — with some research indicating a rate of 17 percent in the first year and others as high as 90 percent — the real takeaway should be that preparation and contingency planning are central to every restaurant’s success. Restaurants don’t usually fail for just… Read more

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The True Costs of Hiring the Wrong Person

For 28 percent of small business owners, hiring additional staff to improve productivity and efficiency is high on the agenda for 2018, according to a new Kabbage survey. For employers trying to make the most of this investment, hiring the “wrong” employee can quickly dwindle your budget and leave you back at square one. Bringing… Read more

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Carrie Luxem Video Series: Positive Thinking & Performance Reviews

In her next video series with Kabbage, Carrie Luxem, CEO and founder of Restaurant HR Group, discusses the power of positive thinking. It can be easy to get lost in negative thoughts, but those will only hinder your success as a small business owner. Check out her video below to hear her take on positive thinking. Carrie’s next video… Read more

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Transforming Poor Performers into Positive Workplace Contributors

In a perfect world, hiring mistakes would never be made. Managers would effortlessly scout out the top talent, the most motivated and forward-thinking among the pack. Back over here in reality though, we know that perfection isn’t possible. Even when you hire crewmembers who have seemingly boundless initiative and drive, outside factors — kids, family,… Read more

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An Action Plan to Improve Your Culture and Minimize Legal Risk

Laying the groundwork for a robust and magnetic culture takes time. It’s not something that happens automatically, straight out of the gate. Instead, it is thoughtfully built upon the company’s core principles, purpose, vision and mission — piece by piece until it has been integrated into every aspect of operations and actions. As your culture… Read more

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Carrie Luxem Video Series: Culture & Leadership Success

Carrie Luxem, CEO and founder of Restaurant HR Group, continues her expert video series with Kabbage by discussing your restaurant’s culture and offering more leadership success advice. In her first video, Carrie offers steps and tips on how to achieve the culture you desire. “Culture is what it is, it’s not what you say it is,”… Read more

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Leadership Is Who You Are, Not Just What You Do

As the saying goes, we expect leaders to “lead by example.” And while walking the walk is important, honing in on just that aspect can detract from the most critical part of great leadership — that it’s firmly rooted in the core of who you are, not just simply in what you do. A leader… Read more

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Discovering Your WHY…and Why It Matters for Restaurateurs

In our rush-rush 24/7 world, so many of us — myself included — can end up on auto-drive, cruising through each day and each new opportunity without a thought as to WHY we’re doing exactly what we’re doing. We get distracted by the noise of life and keep chugging along. Before we know it, we’ve… Read more

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Carrie Luxem Video Series: Leadership & Recruitment

Carrie Luxem, CEO and founder of Restaurant HR Group, begins her expert video series with Kabbage by discussing two important aspects of running a restaurant: management & leadership and recruiting great talent. In her first video, Carrie breaks down the difference between a manager and a leader. While the two are linked, they focus on different… Read more

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Attracting Restaurant Talent Through Brand Storytelling

It’s no secret that it takes a lot of time and work — OK, OK…blood, sweat and tears sometimes too! — to attract and hire the right people for your restaurant’s concept. And while it can be time-intensive to get started, it doesn’t have to be this way forever or break the bank once you… Read more