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Carrie Luxem Video Series: Leadership & Recruitment

Carrie Luxem, CEO and founder of Restaurant HR Group, begins her expert video series with Kabbage by discussing two important aspects of running a restaurant: management & leadership and recruiting great talent. In her first video, Carrie breaks down the difference between a manager and a leader. While the two are linked, they focus on different… Read more

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Attracting Restaurant Talent Through Brand Storytelling

It’s no secret that it takes a lot of time and work — OK, OK…blood, sweat and tears sometimes too! — to attract and hire the right people for your restaurant’s concept. And while it can be time-intensive to get started, it doesn’t have to be this way forever or break the bank once you… Read more

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Behind the Business: Tin Whistle Brings Locals Together for Irish Jigs & Fare

Kabbage spoke with Kabbage customer Jacie Dunkle, owner of Tin Whistle Irish Pub. Dunkle and her team bring Irish culture to life for her guests and love doing so. Along with Tin Whistle, Dunkle owns two other restaurants in the Charlottesville area as well – Fellini’s #9 and Salad Maker. To keep up with Tin… Read more

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Want to be a Successful Restaurateur? Then Laser Focus on These Two Things

Restaurants fail. It’s an unpleasant and unavoidable fact of the industry, though there have been some lengthy disagreements on just how often restaurant failure truly occurs. Regardless, it remains a topic that many restaurateurs don’t like to dwell on. And who could blame them? When you’re so heavily invested, both financially and emotionally, and the… Read more

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What You Need to Know for Peak Shopping Season

The holiday season is approaching, and as a small business owner, your eyes might be set on those peak spending days, so you want to ensure you’re ready for them. Last year, holiday revenue showed positive gains from 2015, and this year, revenue projections show steady, albeit slower, gains as well. One of the largest… Read more

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10 Bite-Sized Holiday Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

While the heart of the holiday shopping season hits around Thanksgiving, one in 10 consumers actually starts holiday shopping before Labor Day. Given the amount of consumer spending up for grabs, restaurants that put a solid holiday marketing plan together stand to reap the rewards of increased traffic and profits. Last year, consumers spent more… Read more

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Quarterly Tax Tip Sheet for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

No matter the business, quarterly taxes are important to keep up with to avoid potential fines. The Wall St. Journal reported in August that the IRS has found a 40 percent increase in the number of Americans who didn’t pay enough in estimated quarterly taxes, between 2010 and 2015. That can affect you and your… Read more

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How to Expand Your Restaurant to Food Trucks

If you’re a restaurant owner, and you’re wanting to expand your business, but you don’t have enough capital yet to open a new location, consider expanding to a food truck. Many large brick-and-mortar chains have expanded to having food trucks, from Starbucks to McDonald’s to TGI Fridays. On their own, food trucks offer many benefits,… Read more

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Why Using a PDF Menu on Your Restaurant Website Is a Terrible Idea

Quick and easy, it might be tempting to set up a link to a PDF version of your restaurant’s menu – but it’s a terrible idea. Find out why and what to do instead. For restaurants, few marketing tools are more effective today than a website that is well optimized for search. Whether customers are… Read more

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How Your Restaurant Can Respond to Negative Reviews

One thing all restaurant owners fear is receiving a bad review. Especially for newly opened restaurants, reviews can make or break your success as a small business owner. Perhaps more important than the review itself is how you handle it. Your response to a customer’s complaint shows other potential and existing customers how you handle… Read more