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Carrie Luxem Video Series: Leadership & Recruitment

Carrie Luxem, CEO and founder of Restaurant HR Group, begins her expert video series with Kabbage by discussing two important aspects of running a restaurant: management & leadership and recruiting great talent. In her first video, Carrie breaks down the difference between a manager and a leader. While the two are linked, they focus on different… Read more

Marketing, Restaurant & Bars

Attracting Restaurant Talent Through Brand Storytelling

It’s no secret that it takes a lot of time and work — OK, OK…blood, sweat and tears sometimes too! — to attract and hire the right people for your restaurant’s concept. And while it can be time-intensive to get started, it doesn’t have to be this way forever or break the bank once you… Read more

Marketing, Restaurant & Bars

Why Using a PDF Menu on Your Restaurant Website Is a Terrible Idea

Quick and easy, it might be tempting to set up a link to a PDF version of your restaurant’s menu – but it’s a terrible idea. Find out why and what to do instead. For restaurants, few marketing tools are more effective today than a website that is well optimized for search. Whether customers are… Read more