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Selling on Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon [in 2018]: A 4,000+ Word Small Business Guide

How to Sell On Amazon: A 3,000+ Word Small Business Guide

Post updated March 16, 2018. One of the biggest parts of Amazon’s success is its marketplace for third-party retailers to sell products via Amazon’s platform. Many Amazon sellers are independent small business owners who have built successful small businesses by utilizing the big reach and big scale of Amazon to connect with buyers all over… Read more

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10 Tips For Creating Product Descriptions For Your Online Business

You’ve got to write excellent product descriptions if you want to get noticed online. There’s a lot of competition, and you need to stand out. Your product descriptions can be picked up by Google if you write them well, so it’s important that you do your best to write descriptions that will stand out to… Read more

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7 Expenses That All Ecommerce Businesses Should Know About

We’ve all heard the expression: Cash is king. But having cash alone isn’t enough. Your small business also needs to understand how to manage that cash and how to deal with typical ecommerce expenses. A lot of online businesses make the mistake of not remaining cash flow positive. They spend more than they make, or… Read more

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6 Ways Online Business Owners Can Increase Customer Retention

eCommerce businesses, inherently, lack the personal touch a business owner can bring to a brick-and-mortar establishment. All your clients are purchasing from you virtually, and there is no face-to-face interaction. This process means that even repeat customers don’t feel sense of loyalty to your business. But even though online businesses present a unique challenge, you… Read more

Retail & Inventory

Importance of Black Friday for Retailers

During the holidays, people often feel like spending more, especially on food or gifts for others. The summer brings Fourth of July sales in vacations, groceries and celebratory decorations while Valentine’s Day brings an increase in restaurant, floral and chocolate sales. However, the largest spending season is the time between Black Friday and the last… Read more

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Your Guide to Mastering the End-of-Year Holidays

The holidays provide great revenue opportunities for your retail business. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that in 2016, holiday retail sales reached $658.3 billion nationwide (which exceeded its expectations by $3 billion!) – $122.9 billion of which was obtained online. So how can you prepare your shop for the peak spending holidays? Here, we’ll… Read more

Management, Retail & Inventory

How You Manage Your Inventory Affects Your Cash Flow 💰

Start Quiz Believe it or not, how you manage your inventory affects how much cash your small business generates daily. If you’re mismanaging your inventory, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. A higher turnover ratio has a better impact on your cash flow. But how do you know where to start? Calculate your inventory turnover… Read more

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Two Checklists Your Retail Biz Needs for the Holidays ❄

Are you prepared for the upcoming holidays? Just this past year, holiday retail sales totaled to $658 billion! It’s one of the busiest times of year for retailers, and you don’t want to miss out on it. To ensure you’re prepared, take a look at the checklists below to make sure this is your best… Read more

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What You Need to Know for Peak Shopping Season

The holiday season is approaching, and as a small business owner, your eyes might be set on those peak spending days, so you want to ensure you’re ready for them. Last year, holiday revenue showed positive gains from 2015, and this year, revenue projections show steady, albeit slower, gains as well. One of the largest… Read more

Management, Retail & Inventory

How to Save Money For Your Retail Biz While Managing Inventory

Inventory often stays backstage while sales, marketing and servicing take precedence in most retail businesses. After all, if you don’t advertise your products, how will you sell? Yet many retailers fail not because they haven’t made themselves visible enough, but because once they gain traction, their backend doesn’t support the business anymore. Don’t let inventory… Read more