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Category Archives: Retail & Inventory

Ecommerce, Retail & Inventory, Selling on Amazon

6 Strategies for Small Businesses to Rock Amazon Prime Day

5 Last-Minute Strategies to Rock Amazon Prime Day

With Amazon Prime Day quickly approaching (July 15 and 16), it’s time to ramp up any strategies you’re currently working on. Or ifRead More

Ecommerce, Retail & Inventory

5 Steps to Building a Successful Ecommerce Business

5 Steps to Building a Successful Ecommerce Business

Of the 12 million ecommerce stores in existence worldwide, only 650,000 are generating over $1,000 annually. That’s a hard truth to swallow. TheRead More

Ecommerce, Retail & Inventory

How the Internet Sales Tax Will Affect Online Retail

How the Internet Sales Tax Will Affect Ecommerce

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. to reverse a longstanding ruling that requires businessesRead More

Management, Retail & Inventory

Your Guide to Improving Inventory Management (& Revenue)

One of the biggest costs for retail business operations is inventory. Inventory is a necessary cost of doing business for retailers of allRead More

Equipment, Finance & Accounting, Small Business Loans

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment for Your Small Business

Buying equipment for a new business is an important, yet often stressful part of getting ready to launch. Investing hard-earned capital into fixedRead More

Ecommerce, Retail & Inventory, Selling on Amazon

How Amazon’s Seller Performance Affects Retail Arbitrage

How Amazon’s Seller Performance Affects Retail Arbitrage

First, let’s answer the question: What is retail arbitrage? Retail arbitrage is a method of obtaining inventory which involves purchasing items from retailRead More

Construction, Professional Services, Restaurant and Bars, Retail & Inventory

The Ultimate Guide for Seasonal Businesses

As a seasonal business owner, you may find yourself asking these two important questions: How do you make the most of your busyRead More

Selling on Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon: A Comprehensive Small Business Guide

How to Sell On Amazon: A 3,000+ Word Small Business Guide

Post updated July 18, 2019. One of the biggest parts of Amazon’s success is its marketplace for third-party retailers to sell products viaRead More

Ecommerce, Retail & Inventory

10 Tips For Creating Product Descriptions For Your Online Business

You’ve got to write excellent product descriptions if you want to get noticed online. There’s a lot of competition, and you need toRead More

Cash Flow, Ecommerce, Finance & Accounting

7 Expenses That All Ecommerce Businesses Should Know About

We’ve all heard the expression: Cash is king. But having cash alone isn’t enough. Your small business also needs to understand how toRead More