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Your Guide to Your First Year Paying Taxes as an Online Seller

Your First Year’s Guide to Filing Income Taxes as an Online Seller

After years of daydreaming, you finally took the leap and launched your own business – now you work for yourself. You are one of more than 14 million U.S. workers who are self-employed: free to set your own hours, hire (or fire) anyone you please and take a day off without asking the boss. You… Read more

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Streamline Your Amazon Business

Amazon is a vast, complex ecommerce site that can be downright overwhelming to a small business owner who simply wants to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to sell to the site’s 50 million monthly customers. While it can be a cumbersome process learning how to sell on Amazon, there are ways to streamline your… Read more

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The Guide to Marketing on Amazon

As the ninth most popular website in the world, Amazon can be a tremendous place to sell your products. However, marketing on Amazon requires some effort and strategy to prevent getting lost in the sea of products. To turn any of the 50 million monthly visitors to Amazon into customers, you need to start by learning… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Selling on Amazon, Selling on eBay, Taxes

Kabbage Ecommerce Tax Calendar

Keeping track of your taxes as an online seller is tough, especially when you have so many dates to worry about. Between paying your quarterly taxes, filling out your mid-April forms, and worrying about extension, it’s easy to become confused. Check out our handy tax calendar to see when your next payment comes up. April… Read more

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Spooky Holiday Ecommerce Opportunity

While Christmas and the winter season screams right toward us, we sometimes accidentally look over the other holidays between then and summer. While it may not have its own “Cyber Monday,” there’s still one big holiday that can still make you a boatload of money: Halloween! I’ll admit a little bias on this one, as… Read more

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Amazon vs. Sales Tax Fight Heating Up

We’re seeing the middle of a very long and potentially bloody battle right now, and it’s over something we’re all invested in. Not only could the issue of Amazon collecting sales tax have an effect on online eCommerce, it also potentially raises questions about the nature of an online presence as a whole. Just how… Read more

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20 New Year’s Resolutions for the Online Seller

It’s that time! Along with any personal resolutions, online business owners need to figure out what they’re going to promise to do for their business in Two Zero Toothpicks. Here are 20 of ours to help you on your way. 1. Go Mobile We’re entering 2011. That means we now live in the FUTURE. And… Read more

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5 Things Ecommerce Business Owners Can Be Thankful For

Times may be tough for small and online business sellers, but that’s no reason to not be thankful for the things we do have! Make sure that while you’re eating turkey and pumpkin pie you take time to remember what things we have in today’s world that make it easier to be successful. Here are… Read more

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5 Ways to Go Above and Beyond in Your eCommerce Business at the Holiday Season

Much money is to be made during the upcoming holiday season…if you’re prepared. The longer you can keep visitors on your site, the more potential dollars you’ve got in the bank. Here are some ideas to keep your holiday Internet travelers from looking elsewhere for great deals. 1. Have a Gift Idea Area Let’s be… Read more

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Identify Your Target Market [ECommerce ABC’s]

If you’re considering setting up a business online, whether on eBay, Etsy, another auction site or your personal website, one of the first steps is to identify your target market. Your market will determine the product you choose to sell, the look of your website and all your marketing strategies. It’s even important in the naming… Read more