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The Best Small Business Resources: Legal and Tax Tools + Resources for Amazon and eBay Sellers

In this series about the best small business resources, we will share how the great tools of today make it easier to grow your business and stay productive, organized and efficient. Check out this list of 5 legal and tax tools plus resources for Amazon and eBay sellers. Trusted Legal and Tax Tools DocuSign What… Read more

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Should You Attend eCommerce Events?

Author: Molly Schwartz Should you attend eCommerce events? Yes! It’s a wonderful chance to grow your business. You can hear from important speakers who you may have already been following online and learn from them in person. Hearing from fellow attendees who have years of insight can help educate new eCommerce sellers, and these conferences… Read more

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Cash Advances of eBay Money

How to Leverage eBay Money to Support Your Online Business For many online business owners, the lion’s share of sales comes from eBay. As the world’s largest marketplace — so this makes perfect sense. eBay offers new and experienced sellers a tremendous opportunity to sell their products to a growing customer base. Of course, it… Read more

Selling on eBay

Should I Sell eBay Products Internationally?

After launching 18 years ago, eBay now has a customer base of 112 million strong in 39 international markets. The mega-site clearly understands the power of the global marketplace; in fact, this was the very vision it was built upon. Yet, very little had been done to encourage sellers to offer international fulfillment until this… Read more

Selling on eBay

How to Price Items on eBay to Boost Sales

Doing some eBay research to discover the value of your item before you list it can have real value. Some research tools are found right on eBay, while others are found elsewhere. Once you pin down the value of your item and figure out what eBay selling format to use, you’ll increase your chances of making a… Read more

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Your Guide to Your First Year Paying Taxes as an Online Seller

Your First Year’s Guide to Filing Income Taxes as an Online Seller

After years of daydreaming, you finally took the leap and launched your own business – now you work for yourself. You are one of more than 14 million U.S. workers who are self-employed: free to set your own hours, hire (or fire) anyone you please and take a day off without asking the boss. You… Read more

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Streamline your eBay Business

As the world’s largest online marketplace, eBay is a fantastic place for a small business owner to sell products to a vast customer base. However, the process of selling on eBay can be incredibly time-consuming if you don’t take active steps to streamline your eBay business processes. The following guidelines can help you save time… Read more

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Market Your Products on eBay

  As the world’s largest online marketplace, eBay has become an essential destination for many small business owners who want to increase their ability to sell to a wider customer base. Set Up Your eBay Account Even if you’re starting small by only selling a few products, eBay is pretty much the place to be…. Read more

Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay doesn’t require a degree in advanced rocket science, but it does require some know-how to be successful. Whether you’re new to online selling or just want to boost your eBay sales, this guide can help you jumpstart your sales on the world’s largest online marketplace. Build an eBay Profile Having a strong… Read more

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eBay Store ToolKit

Selling on eBay delivers a wide range of opportunities for an online business owner, and having an eBay Store provides can provide an even bigger boost to sales. The following eBay Store tools and tips can help you improve your success selling on the world’s largest online marketplace whether you’re a novice seller or an… Read more