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KWIPPED: A Revolutionary New Way to Rent Small Business Equipment


  Renting small business equipment is an important cost of doing business for many companies. Getting the right business equipment can enable small businesses to take on bigger projects, operate more efficiently and generate bigger profits. But until recently, it was fairly complicated for many small businesses to find the right business equipment rentals. Even… Read more

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The Most Important Pieces of Business Equipment to Always Buy New

equipment to buy new

Owning the right business equipment is an essential cost of doing business for many small companies.  Having good business equipment can make the difference between landing a big contract and losing big money. Buying business equipment is a big investment for many small business owners, which is especially true for those who operate a professional… Read more

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6 Kinds of Office Equipment Your Small Business Needs This Year


If you get the wrong salesman in front of you, you might walk away from that conversation convinced you need shiny, expensive office equipment just to keep your doors open. That’s not true (though you might want to consider hiring that salesman). What is true is that some specific pieces of gear can improve productivity,… Read more

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5 Surprising Places You Can Find Inexpensive or Previously Owned Restaurant Equipment


Opening a restaurant often requires purchasing a significant amount of commercial equipment. This translates into a large outlay of capital before you even serve your first customer. While leasing is one option for obtaining restaurant equipment without having to invest loads of upfront capital, buying is almost always a smarter financial decision because of the… Read more

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Buying vs. Leasing Equipment

When you first began your business or during your business’ growth stages, you may have asked yourself “Should I buy or lease equipment?” Yet the answer wasn’t as easy as saying yes or no on the spot. Depending on where your business is financially and where you want your business to go determines the answer…. Read more