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5 Ways Online Reviews Affect Your Online Retail Store

If you run an online retail business, your search engine rankings can make or break your company. There are all sorts of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that you’re probably already using, but reviews also need to be part of that strategy. Online reviews directly impact where your site appears on the search engine results… Read more

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4 Steps to Starting an Online Store or Website

Whether your small business has a physical location or not, it’s vital that you have a website if you want to compete in the online marketplace. Local, regional and national consumers are turning to the search engines when they need to find products or services like those that your business offers. If you want to… Read more

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment for Your Small Business


Buying equipment for a new business is an important, yet often stressful part of getting ready to launch. Investing hard-earned capital into fixed assets before you even make your first sale can be a nail-biting experience for even the most confident entrepreneur. To make the right purchases, it’s essential to comparison shop and carefully assess… Read more

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Boost Your Shipping Success With a Mid-Year Review

We’re almost halfway through 2017 already, and the approaching mid-year point serves as a perfect opportunity to devote some time to taking stock of your operations and looking for ways to grow your business in the second half of the year. Revisit your shipping strategy FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service have all recently… Read more

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15 Essential Hiring Tips for Your Small Business

Hiring the right employees is essential to any business, regardless of size. However, if you own or operate a small business, finding the right team is the difference between growth and failure. To help, below is a list of 15 essential hiring tips for your small business. Follow one or follow them all. What matters… Read more

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10 Must-Know Methods to Make Your Boutique Business a Success

If you run a small boutique, chances are that you’ve realized the importance of multi-tasking. So many different components go into running a profitable boutique business, and it is important to master all of them. In order to produce steady sales, you need to stand out amongst big-name brands and other local boutiques. 10 Tips… Read more

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When You Should Turn to a Business Equipment Loan

Equipment loans are a special type of business financing reserved for equipment. These loans can be used to purchase anything from printers and scanners, to CNC machines, to cranes. To help you decide whether a business equipment loan is the right choice for you, we outlined specific situations in which a business equipment loan would… Read more

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Inventory Management Tips, Part 4: Inventory Management

The phrase “inventory management” might sound complex and expensive, like something that only a big company would need to worry about but the truth is, owners of even the smallest retail businesses can use some key inventory management tips to make sure they are minimizing costs, preventing losses, maximizing efficiency and getting the most out… Read more

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Inventory Management Tips, Part 3: Negotiating with Wholesalers

Small retail business owners and Amazon sellers often struggle with the concept of how to negotiate with wholesalers. It can seem intimidating to do business with bigger companies, especially when you’re a small business that doesn’t buy massive volumes of product – how can you exert any leverage or get more of what you need… Read more

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Inventory Management Tips, Part 2: Wholesalers

One of the most important parts of small retail business inventory management is finding and working with the right wholesalers to supply your business with inventory. Wholesalers are companies that work with manufacturers to supply massive amounts of products to retailers all over the country and all over the world. They manage logistics, merchandising, delivery… Read more