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4 Companies that Rock Inventory Management and How to Be Like Them

4 Companies that Rock Inventory Management and How to Be Like Them

Inventory management is very closely tied to a company’s bottom line. It’s a delicate balance having the right amount of this or the right amount of that in stock. There needs to be enough merchandise to fulfill orders, but not so much that there will be a fire sale to clear it out six months… Read more

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5 Things Your Small Biz is Doing That’s Making You Lose Money to

5 Things Your Small Biz is Doing That's Making You Lose Money to

Have you ever accidentally bought something off of Amazon? It was just too easy. Your finger gently caressed the buy button and before you knew it, their one-click purchase snared you in its trap again! It’s one of the biggest allures of online shopping. You want an experience that is so intuitive it seems natural… Read more

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Shotput Debuts to Help Businesses with Order Fulfillment


Setting up a business that sells new products is a massive challenge – in addition to developing new products that customers want, there are logistical issues regarding how to get items to buyers in a timely and inexpensive manner. Finding freight services and warehouse space, packing items and quality assurance are just a few of… Read more

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Using A Small Business Loan to Buy Inventory

One of the biggest ongoing challenges for many small retail business owners is knowing when and how to buy inventory. Especially if you’re a new business owner who is just getting started in retail, you often need lots of inventory to get your business up and running. After all – you can’t run a retail… Read more

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Amazon’s New Free Shipping for Small Items May Hurt Local Retailers


Amazon announced that they will be offering free shipping to all customers for smaller items purchased on the site. The program will help them compete with big-box retailers like Wal-Mart and local grocery stores. Until now, customers have been reticent to purchase things like beauty and cleaning products online because of shipping costs – it’s… Read more

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Want to Use Green Vendors? We’ve Got You Covered With These Green Sources


Green is good. Green tells people your business cares about the environment. Green shows your community that you have made a commitment to keeping our earth healthy. But what if you haven’t gone green yet? How do you do it? Sourcing your products from environmentally friendly businesses is one of the best ways to go… Read more

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How Inventory Management Software Can Prevent Employee Theft

News headlines today dealing with security are focused on cybersecurity and data breaches. But there’s an overlooked way to secure your business – prevent employee theft. Retailers lose $15 billion every year from employee theft. Software Advice, a company that helps you find the right software, conducted a survey to get a better sense of… Read more

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How New Changes In Postal Rates Will Affect Your Business

According to Forbes, the United States Postal Service is changing rates to compete with alternative mail carriers. In the past year, USPS has partnered with, cut prices for online stores, and, as of Jan 25, 2015, changed pricing and insurance for shipping parcels.  What does this mean for your business? If your business ships… Read more

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Maybe This is the Year to Move Your Inventory Management to the Cloud

Managing your business’ inventory is one of the keys to a robust bottom line. Knowing what you have, where you have it, and how old it is influences many pieces of your own personal supply chain. Now that it’s 2015, is it time for you to move something as important as your inventory management system… Read more

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2014 Guide to Holiday Shipping Carrier Closures & Ship By Dates [INFOGRAPHIC]

  It’s that time of year again… which means your inventory is about to start flying off the shelves! Save yourself the usual holiday shipping stress by using this handy dandy cheat sheet created by our friends over at ShipStation A few words of advice from the experts over at ShipStation: Make your own business’s… Read more