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Your Guide to Mastering the End-of-Year Holidays

The holidays provide great revenue opportunities for your retail business. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that in 2016, holiday retail sales reached $658.3 billion nationwide (which exceeded its expectations by $3 billion!) – $122.9 billion of which was obtained online. So how can you prepare your shop for the peak spending holidays? Here, we’ll… Read more

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Expand Your Online Business: Keeping Up with Social Media

Most online retailers already know that the Internet is key to growing their business online. But where does social media fit in? Small businesses can use social media channels to connect with customers and generate more online sales. Below, we’ll talk more about why social media marketing is vital for online retailers and how you… Read more

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5 Ways Online Reviews Affect Your Online Retail Store

If you run an online retail business, your search engine rankings can make or break your company. There are all sorts of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that you’re probably already using, but reviews also need to be part of that strategy. Online reviews directly impact where your site appears on the search engine results… Read more

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5 Ways Retailers Are Missing the Boat on Twitter

5 Ways Retailers Are Missing the Boat on Twitter

Do you sometimes feel that your retail store is falling behind in today’s social media environment? If so, you’re not alone. It has grown increasingly important to be vigilant with your social media marketing on Twitter and other platforms. While most retailers now have an account on Twitter, many are missing out on the benefits… Read more

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The Rising Power of Product Reviews: How to Get Product Reviews and Why You Should

The Rising Power of Product Reviews

Nine out of 10 buyers consider product reviews before making a purchase and they have come to expect to find stars, user reviews and ratings posted for any type of product they are considering. Without product reviews, your brand might not make the cut. Find out why shoppers are tuning out advertisers and tuning in… Read more