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Category Archives: Company Culture

Company Culture, Retail & Inventory

How To Maintain A Professional Atmosphere for A Casual Workplace

Author: Molly Schwartz Startups and other young companies tend to be associated with relaxed and casual workplaces. While having a laid back atmosphereRead More

Company Culture, Retail & Inventory

How and Why To Have More Creative Meetings

Every industry is fueled by innovation, and innovative ideas are sparked from creative minds. More and more companies are turning to different waysRead More

Company Culture, Local Marketing, Marketing, Retail & Inventory

Local Charities to Get Involved In and Why

As a business owner, have you allocated time and money to help a local charity? If so, you’ve probably figured out the manyRead More

Company Culture, Retail & Inventory

Location, Location, Location

When opening or relocating a brick-and-mortar store, the location of your new store is a serious issue to think about. Location is reallyRead More

Business Inspiration, Company Culture, Minority Businesses, Retail & Inventory, Small Business Tools

How To Break Through The Language Barrier

If your business isn’t marketing in any language other than English, you probably aren’t capitalizing on the fact that because of social mediaRead More

Company Culture, Retail & Inventory

Charitable Companies: 5 Benefits of Corporate Giving

One of the great privileges of running a small business is being able to give generously to community organizations and charitable causes thatRead More

Branding Your Business, Company Culture, Retail & Inventory

5 Rebranding Strategies for Your Small Business

Your brand is your company culture. It is the identifying mark of who you are and what type of experience you promise toRead More

Company Culture, Minority Businesses, Retail & Inventory

How To Promote Diversity in Your Small Business

Author: Madie Hodges Diversity in the workplace can translate into diversity in your consumer base. Promoting workplace diversity by taking an active stanceRead More

Company Culture, Retail & Inventory

Spring Cleaning: Organize Better Breaks

Now we’re talking, break time. Something we can ALL get behind, no matter how much of a workaholic you are. The most dedicatedRead More

Company Culture, Retail & Inventory, Small Business Tools

5 Things to Change in Your Home Office

We spend all day there, yet we never think to shape things up a bit. Sure, once in a while we get theRead More