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Category Archives: Employee Management

Company Culture, Employee Management, Retail & Inventory

Are You the Company Everyone Wants to Work For


With the economy gaining strength, top-tier employees often have their pick of positions, so how can small businesses compete with larger companies whenRead More

Employee Management, Productivity, Retail & Inventory

The Best Way to Prepare for Growth is to Create Procedures for Your Business


Growth is a reality many businesses come face-to-face with. It can either slow a business down, or help an enterprise refocus their prioritiesRead More

Employee Management, Retail & Inventory

Formula for Success or Huge Mistake: Is Working with Family or Friends Really the Best Idea?


  Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned small business owner, you’re probably either currently working with family or friends or haveRead More

Company Culture, Employee Management, Retail & Inventory

10 Ways to Kill Motivation and Innovation in Your Employees

10 ways to kill motivation innovation in employees

Companies are always trying to figure out how to get more productivity from their employees, but the definition of “productivity” has changed. DuringRead More

Company Culture, Employee Management, Retail & Inventory

5 Green Ideas to Get Your Customers (and Employees) on Board with Earth Day This Year


  April 22nd might seem like any other day, but it’s not – it’s Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, the holiday isRead More

Employee Management, Retail & Inventory

How to Make An Amazing Culture Happen for Your Small Business

Why is Culture Important? Culture comprises two parts – your internal company culture and customer perception. You know what your values are, whatRead More

Employee Management, Retail & Inventory, Small Business Tools

Management Lessons From Steve Jobs and Apple

Apple has been in the headlines lately with the recent release of the Apple Watch and other new products. Even though it’s beenRead More

Employee Management, Retail & Inventory, Shipping, Small Business Tools

How Inventory Management Software Can Prevent Employee Theft

News headlines today dealing with security are focused on cybersecurity and data breaches. But there’s an overlooked way to secure your business –Read More

Business Inspiration, Employee Management, Retail & Inventory

Small Business Management Lessons from House of Cards

Season 3 of Netflix original series “House of Cards” premieres online on February 27. Starring Kevin Spacey as the ruthless-but-charming politician Frank Underwood,Read More

Employee Management, Hiring & Firing, Holiday & Seasonal Marketing, Retail & Inventory

The 5 Extra Staff Members Your Business Needs This Holiday Season

If you’re a fan of the classic TV show “I Love Lucy,” you certainly remember its most famous episode in which Lucy andRead More