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Making Retirement For You and Your Business As Easy As Possible

You are starting a business that will hopefully support you throughout your entire life. When starting a business there are a lot of things you have to think about and put into place that often retirement options are completely forgotten about until twenty years down the line when you are ready. There are some steps… Read more

HR, Retail & Inventory

How To Implement a Human Resources Strategy

Small businesses are small. They don’t have many pieces and parts that have to work together; however, they do have a few that work extremely hard. When small businesses start to grow and expand, new pieces and parts of the puzzle are always added to make the whole company run more effectively. When businesses make… Read more

HR, Retail & Inventory

Small Business Ethics Policies

What ethics or moral values do you think are important in your everyday life? What ethics do you think should be applied to your professional life? Ethics, morals, and values tend to command the way we live, so having a sense of which ethics are important to the people around you can help you stay… Read more

HR, Retail & Inventory

What Is Key Man Insurance?

By: Mindy Lamont, Founder of The Insurist Shouldn’t that say “Key Person?” Aren’t we in the 21st Century? Alas, Key Person insurance is simply a life insurance policy designed to cover the loss of a key employee, manager, owner, partner, or other very important types of people in your business. The first question to ask… Read more