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Stress Awareness Month: Managing Stress

April is National Stress Awareness month, and to help small business owners manage their stress, Kabbage spoke with other small business owners on their own experiences with stress. These owners shared their experiences as well as gave advice on how to manage stress. What techniques or tips would you give new small business owners on… Read more

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15 Essential Hiring Tips for Your Small Business

Hiring the right employees is essential to any business, regardless of size. However, if you own or operate a small business, finding the right team is the difference between growth and failure. To help, below is a list of 15 essential hiring tips for your small business. Follow one or follow them all. What matters… Read more

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10 Ways to Manage Stress in Small Businesses

Employees and employers alike have all experienced stress in the workplace and it can be hard to manage at times. Here are five ways employees can take action to ease their stress and five ways small business owners can help them do so without hurting their budget. If you’re an employee, try these tips to… Read more

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Cost-Effective Perks to Attract and Keep Top Talent

Big business deals and big businesses are more often than not the focus of attention-grabbing headlines. What they’re doing, who they’re merging with, even how many people they’re hiring and firing – those are news stories that receive lots of attention. But what should, and doesn’t, receive as much attention are small businesses. There are… Read more

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4 Benefits Your Small Business Can Enjoy with Corporate Giving

You know that charitable giving must be done without a direct expectation of receiving something tangible in return. At the same time, your business could expect to enjoy many indirect rewards when you donate to worthy causes. Companies can improve their communities, increase employee morale and get other community members to take notice. Both large… Read more

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3 Unique Ways Your Business Can Donate to Charity

Naturally, charitable organizations hope to benefit from corporate donations. Savvy business leaders also know that corporate donations can provide their business with benefits too. For instance, charitable giving can help generate goodwill, improve morale and provide opportunities to network with other leaders. You might only associate a charitable donation with writing a check, however, many… Read more

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3 Businesses That Prioritize Corporate Giving

Prioritizing corporate giving isn’t just a good thing to do; it can also be a very good thing for a business. That is why many successful companies have added charitable giving as a business goal that’s just as important as increasing profits or growing their company. In fact, charitable giving can even help support other business goals. Some… Read more

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New Overtime Rules: How Do They Affect Your Business?

Many people are familiar with the concept of overtime pay. Also known as “time-and-a-half,” this is a practice where employers have to pay their employees an extra bonus wage for any hours worked above the limit of 40 hours per week. However, in recent years there has been some uncertainty and activism related to which… Read more

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How to Choose Payroll Software for Small Businesses

You have employees that you need to pay, but you don’t like to run payroll. So, you decide that you want to find a fast and inexpensive way to do it. You determine that payroll software is the best fit for you. There are many payroll programs from which you can choose, and many require… Read more

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Do Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work?

Is a healthier workforce more productive? The answer is yes, according to three new peer-reviewed studies in the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine. The studies looked at how 45 companies’ stock prices fared after they won awards for their workplace wellness programs. The winners ended up outperforming the S&P 500 by between 7 percent and… Read more