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Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

Dude Wipes: How These Business Owners Innovated Toilet Paper

Toilet tissue is not most people’s idea of a glamorous business – but just like any industry, it offers opportunities to savvy entrepreneurs who know how to spot an underserved market. Sean Riley and a few of his friends decided to start a business called Dude Wipes, selling flushable wipes marketed to men, because they… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight, Women in Business

Entrepreneur Interview: Lisa Bradley

In 2006 on the brink of divorce and close to losing everything, Lisa Bradley and her husband Steven appeared as guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show. They were featured as participants of “America’s Debt Diet,” as part of Oprah’s challenge to America to encourage people to get out of debt. According to Lisa, the challenge… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

Savvy IT Business Owner Encourages Other Women to Give Tech a Try

Barbara Jones is sure that the world is ready for more women who want to excel in the field of Information Technology (IT). “My company is iLilli RNB and we are a retail IT company specializing in point-of -sale and in mobile application development,” Barbara says. Barbara isn’t worried in the least that she is… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

How Posh Puppy Boutique Competes with Big Pet Retailers

In America, pets are more than just our favorite cuddly companions – they’re a big industry. According to the American Pet Products Association, in 2014, Americans spent $58.5 billion on pet-related purchases, including $13.72 billion on pet supplies and over-the-counter medicine, and $4.73 billion on pet grooming and boarding. As of 2012, according to the… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

Speed-Reading Expert Who Has His Eye on Growing a Business

Paul Nowak knew he needed a solution to ensure his academic success. “When I got to college I started falling way behind in my classes, mainly because I couldn’t catch up,” Paul says. “I was meeting with a professor of mine and I told him I couldn’t keep up with all the reading. He told… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

How Matthew Rojas Went From Student to Entrepreneur: Pack and Stack Storage Solutions

Matthew Rojas has been entrepreneurially-minded for as long as he can remember, always finding ways to make a little money to finance his various childhood and teen interests. While in college studying Accounting, he noticed that many of his classmates were going through a lot of hassle moving, packing, and storing their belongings for the… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

Customer Testimonial from KixRx: The Benefits of Getting a Business Loan

Basketball shoes are big business. According to this article in Forbes, “LeBron and Durant Have the NBA’s Best-Selling Signature Sneakers,” the total U.S. market for basketball shoes reached $4.5 billion in 2013, up 20 percent from the year before. Basketball shoe aficionados often camp outside their favorite shoe store waiting to buy the latest release… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

A&R Electric, Inc., Survived The Economic Crisis By Focusing On Their Customers

Entrepreneurs are learning customer value equals growth. By creating value and an awesome customer experience, existing customers continue to return and bring new customers with them. Businesses that are successful at doing this have a good understanding of who their core customers are and are able to implement methods that help monitor and maintain customer… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

The Entrepreneur who Turned a Love of Books into a Small Business

The world is full of books. At any given moment on Amazon you have your choice of more than 12 million titles. If you find it paralyzing to try and pick out your next read in the midst of such a crowded sea, you might need to meet The Fussy Librarian. The Fussy Librarian is the… Read more

Kabbage Customers, Small Business Spotlight

7 Skills to Survive Your Earliest Years with Tom Dube of Dube’s Music

Tom is a classic example of a passion-driven entrepreneur. He loves music, so he decided to open a music shop. Although Dube’s Music is now very successful, the beginning of his company was a challenge because he opened his shop knowing a lot about music and instruments, but very little about how to run a… Read more