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Category Archives: Starting A Business

Business Inspiration

👉 100+ Inspirational Quotes from Influential Entrepreneurs

The nature of success requires ambition, a hard work ethic, inspiration, and motivation. The words of great business owners showcase the tools theyRead More

Starting A Business, Technology, Timely Opportunity, Tools

3 Technology Stats Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Small-business owners are often overwhelmed with tech purchasing decisions. As a result, they tend to take a conservative approach. According to a surveyRead More

Book Reviews, Finance & Accounting, Taxes

6 Top Tax and Bookkeeping Books for Small Business Owners

A quick Google search on missed tax deductions will bring up articles listing anywhere from seven to as many as 50 commonly missedRead More

Business Inspiration, Starting A Business

5 Side Hustlers Share How & Why They Hustle ✊

5 Side Hustlers Share How & Why They Hustle

Happy Small Business Week to all of the awesome entrepreneurs out there! This week, we wanted to hear from small business owners likeRead More

Starting A Business, Startup

How to Start a Small Business with No Money to Invest

How to start a small business with no money to invest.

Starting a business in 2018 with no money is 100 percent doable. In fact, you’ll have an easier time today than Google, Apple,Read More

Business Inspiration

The Type of Small Business That Every Town Needs

Small town living has many advantages – little to no traffic, a slower pace of life than a big city and strong communityRead More

Starting A Business

Cutting Through the Startup Red Tape

You have a great product or service you want to bring to the world. The day you decide to take the leap fromRead More

Starting A Business

6 States to Open Your Small Business

It’s fairly easy to argue that most U.S. states offer good opportunities to run a small business. In fact, it might be fairRead More

Starting A Business

These 5 Cities Are Enjoying a Major Entrepreneurial Boom

Earlier this year, the Kauffman Foundation released their 2017 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity: Metropolitan Area and City Trends report. Inside the documentRead More

Branding Your Business, Starting A Business

How to Name Your Small Business

So, you’re determined to turn your awesome idea into a profitable small business. That’s why you’ve been surviving on caffeine with little shutRead More