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How to Name Your Small Business

So, you’re determined to turn your awesome idea into a profitable small business. That’s why you’ve been surviving on caffeine with little shut eye for months. You’ve invested countless hours (and even some of your savings) already – yet there’s still so much to do. Launch day is approaching mighty quick. You realize with a… Read more

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10 Must-Know Methods to Make Your Boutique Business a Success

If you run a small boutique, chances are that you’ve realized the importance of multi-tasking. So many different components go into running a profitable boutique business, and it is important to master all of them. In order to produce steady sales, you need to stand out amongst big-name brands and other local boutiques. 10 Tips… Read more

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4 Things You Need to Know Before Setting Up an Online Store

More than half a million Americans start businesses every month. Some businesses succeed. Many fail. When the latter happens it isn’t necessarily for lack of startup capital. In many cases, business owners fail to do the research necessary to create a successful business. Educating yourself about your industry and doing strong foundational work for your… Read more

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5 Keys for Building a Strong Brand from the Ground Up

5 Keys for Building a Strong Brand from the Ground Up

Building a strong brand from the ground up doesn’t happen brick by brick unless you have a clear vision of what you want your brand to look like when you’re done. Here are five key areas your branding blueprint must account for if you want to build a strong brand over time. If you have… Read more

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Asking Important Questions: What Makes an SMB/Startup Logo “Cool?”

Asking Important Questions: What Makes an SMB/Startup Logo “Cool?”

If you’re an SMB or a startup, you can’t rely on an easily identifiable logo alone. Instead, you want your logo to be contemporary and cutting-edge, and help your consumers discover what your company does. It’s a tall order: make your consumer understand your business and be cool. But don’t worry – there are several… Read more

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The Dos and Don’ts of Fiverr for Small Businesses


Large businesses have the budget for professional graphic design, editing and other services. Even larger businesses have an in-house staff for those same tasks. Many small businesses have neither, but still need high-quality materials to represent their brand. This has been a challenge to entrepreneurs for about as long as branding has been a major… Read more

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Service Initiatives to Drive Your Small Business Brand


This is the decade of the social business. Companies that engage meaningfully with their community about things that matter to that community have a huge advantage over those that do not. The first and easiest way to get in on the action is to talk about what you do for your customers, engaging around their… Read more

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Real Graphic Designers Share the Secrets to Great Small Business Logo Design


We’ve talked about how building a brand is more than just choosing a logo, but your business’ logo still matters. Good logo design can help a small business stand out from the competition, attract interest from prospective customers and concisely communicate the company’s personality, values and key selling points. Even if your business logo never… Read more

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3 Ways That Attending Conferences Can Help Build Your Brand


My home state of Iowa hosts an annual entrepreneurship conference called Entrefest, where entrepreneurs come together to learn from each other, hear from top experts in various fields related to business and entrepreneurship, pitch their new business ideas and make connections with potential investors. Seeing the success of Entrefest reminded me of some of the… Read more

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Lessons from Marketing Guru Seth Godin About Building a Brand


Seth Godin is one of the world’s most influential marketing bloggers. A best-selling author, speaker and prognosticator, Seth has an uncanny ability to interpret the latest technology trends and cultural shifts in a way that reminds business owners how to navigate the latest changes while staying true to their vision and treating customers with respect…. Read more