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Creating Your First Mobile App with Como


Just a few years ago, marketers were telling businesses that they needed a website to survive in the digital age. Just as most business owners started using websites to promote their business, the entire world went mobile. The United States alone now has over 200 million smartphone users. Therefore, businesses today not only need a… Read more

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Small Business Holiday Season Planning: 15 Week eCourse to Help You to Survive and Thrive


The holiday season is upon us and, if you’re a small business owner, you’re probably thinking, “Yes, I’m aware. And I don’t need the extra stress, so please don’t remind me.” Well, we want to relieve some of that stress for you, so we’ve created an eCourse with the busy business owner in mind. “15… Read more

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The Ultimate Guide to Running Your Small Business from Your Phone or Tablet

The Ultimate Guide to Running Your Small Business from Your Phone or Tablet

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to run your business from a mobile device. CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management Software) didn’t have mobile access, security was just getting to the point where it would be safe to host financial apps and there wasn’t enough memory to run the programs. That has all changed. Today,… Read more

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We Answer the Question: What is Google My Business and How Do I Use it for My Small Business?

What is Google My Business and How Do I Use it for My Small Business?

Online search is second nature for consumers looking for a product or service, and savvy business owners know it’s critical to maximize their visibility and make it easy for their customers to find them. Google My Business is a free, one-stop solution that makes this task simpler by bringing familiar tools like Google search, Google… Read more

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Is Your Small Business Ready to Handle Plastic?


It wasn’t so long ago that one of the biggest hassles for small business owners was something that should have been very simple: getting paid. In the “old days” before the development of powerful online small business tools, small business owners had a few (mostly bad) choices for how to get paid by their customers…. Read more

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Microsoft Launches Groundbreaking Project GigJam And Rethinks How We Collaborate At Work


This week Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled a powerful new app called Project GigJam, which helps coworkers communicate and collaborate on projects. As workforces become more geographically dispersed through remote working and travel, GigJam lets project owners delegate tasks and share specific parts of project work with their team to accomplish their business goals. With… Read more

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Supply Chain Management Software for Small Businesses


The idea of a “supply chain” might sound like it’s only for big companies with massive factories and lots of vendors and moving parts – but the truth is, lots of small businesses have supply chains too. And small business owners can benefit from using automated tools like supply chain management (SCM) software to make… Read more

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Business Continuity Plan


What happens to your business if a disaster hits? For example, what if there is an earthquake or hurricane or tornado (depending on which natural disasters are most prevalent in your area) that shuts off the power to your business for several days, or destroys the building where you’re located? What if there is a… Read more

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The Dos and Don’ts of Fiverr for Small Businesses


Large businesses have the budget for professional graphic design, editing and other services. Even larger businesses have an in-house staff for those same tasks. Many small businesses have neither, but still need high-quality materials to represent their brand. This has been a challenge to entrepreneurs for about as long as branding has been a major… Read more