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Category Archives: Small Business Tools

Small Business Tools, Technology

The Ultimate Guide to Running Your Small Business from Your Phone or Tablet

The Ultimate Guide to Running Your Small Business from Your Phone or Tablet

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to run your business from a mobile device. CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management Software) didn’t haveRead More

Customer Marketing, Marketing, Small Business Tools, Technology

We Answer the Question: What is Google My Business and How Do I Use it for My Small Business?

What is Google My Business and How Do I Use it for My Small Business?

Online search is second nature for consumers looking for a product or service, and savvy business owners know it’s critical to maximize theirRead More

Small Business Tools, Technology

Is Your Small Business Ready to Handle Plastic?


It wasn’t so long ago that one of the biggest hassles for small business owners was something that should have been very simple:Read More

Small Business Tools, Technology

Supply Chain Management Software for Small Businesses


The idea of a “supply chain” might sound like it’s only for big companies with massive factories and lots of vendors and movingRead More

Small Business Tools, Technology

Why Your Small Business Needs a Business Continuity Plan


What happens to your business if a disaster hits? For example, what if there is an earthquake or hurricane or tornado (depending onRead More

Branding Your Business, Small Business Tools

The Dos and Don’ts of Fiverr for Small Businesses


Large businesses have the budget for professional graphic design, editing and other services. Even larger businesses have an in-house staff for those sameRead More

Equipment, Small Business Tools, Technology

6 Kinds of Office Equipment Your Small Business Needs This Year


If you get the wrong salesman in front of you, you might walk away from that conversation convinced you need shiny, expensive officeRead More

Small Business Tools

4 Cool Phone Features That Will Help Drive Sales


Improving sales is almost always at the top of any business owner’s agenda. To accomplish this, business owners focus on a variety ofRead More

Small Business Tools

An Introduction to Marketing Automation Tools


There has never been a better time to be a small business owner. Today there are more affordable, easy-to-use, effective online tools toRead More

Small Business Tools

Patent it Yourself vs Hiring a Patent Attorney


Patents are a lot like incorporating: necessary for many business models, and intimidatingly complex to many business owners. Like incorporating, it’s possible toRead More