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Changing the Small Business Landscape: A Joint Blog Series from Kabbage and Fiverr


When Ron Kanfi was hired to help hand paint strips on greeting cards, he couldn’t have dreamed where the role would take him over the next 30+ years. Now an industry leader known as “The Humor Company,” NobleWorks publishes funny greeting cards wholesale and as an online retailer.

When the company lost one if its co-founders and a dear friend of Ron’s to AIDS in 2001, Ron took the reins as Creative Director of the venture.

“As the greeting card industry has changed – with mom and pop stores giving way to big box stores – we’ve had to reinvent ourselves and also start selling online directly to consumers,” Ron said.

Ron discovered Kabbage in 2010 when a re-filing of the business changed their ability to borrow money. When banks wouldn’t support their business, Kabbage was there with cash flow that helped NobleWorks prepare for their seasonal uptick.

“After experiencing challenges with debt in the past, we didn’t want to borrow money or get into debt in a traditional way again,” Ron said. “Kabbage’s six-month terms fit our needs perfectly. We often just needed money for a week here or there to cover payroll an other bills. Our business survived because Kabbage took care of us during our tight spots.”

Keeping overhead and payroll costs down has also been a big part of ensuring the success of NobleWorks. An early patron of Fiverr’s easy-to-use services marketplace, Ron has enlisted the help of Fiverr for everything from recording the company’s irreverently entertaining on-hold messaging to graphic design and video work for their website and social media pages – at a significantly lower cost than hiring a contractor or full-time employee.

“When I first read about Fiverr, I thought it was a brilliant idea,” Ron said. “Fiverr provides access to creative talent while allowing us to keep costs down. They support new businesses or those with limited resources with top-notch resources that don’t compromise your bottom line.”

To learn more about Fiverr’s services, visit Fiverr.com.