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Construction Dead Season? 8 Ways to Generate Off-Season Revenue During Slow Months

Construction Dead Zone? 8 Ways to Generate Off-Season Revenue During Slow Months

Winter months often slow or even stall construction work, especially during the holidays when there is so much competing for the buyer’s attention. Here are eight ways construction companies can generate revenues during seasonal slowdowns.

Winter weather in much of the U.S. over the past few years didn’t just produce a chill in the weather; extreme conditions that hit much of the country in 2014 and 2015 produced a real cooling off in the economy as well. The construction industry is often one of the hardest-hit when inclement weather hits, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways they can generate revenue during slow months.

8 Ways Construction Companies Can Generate Revenue When Bad Weather Strikes

  1. Focus on Indoor Options

Construction companies that can’t work outside due to winter weather can generate revenue by focusing on indoor options such as remodeling and repair projects. These jobs might be smaller in scope but still provide ample opportunity to keep skilled contractors and trade professionals busy until they can return to bigger projects out-of-doors.

  1. Attend Tradeshows and Conferences

Tradeshows can be invaluable venues for making contacts that lead to more work and referrals. In addition, exhibitors may inspire ideas or provide solutions that can help you cut costs or make your construction company more efficient, leading to long-term cash flow improvements that make your business less susceptible to seasonal fluctuations.

  1. Leverage Expertise for Consulting or Speaking Revenues

Construction companies may have in-house experts that could generate revenue by providing consulting services during slower months when doing hands-on work is less available. Expertise in architecture, design, engineering, electrical and even construction business topics like planning, scheduling and financing could be leveraged to gain consulting and public speaking revenues during slow months.

  1. Hold Classes and Events

The professionals employed by construction companies have technical knowledge and first-hand experience that can be shared in classes and events during slower months. Some of these events and classes could even bring in revenue themselves; others might lead to more work. Classes and events in construction-related courses might include:

  • Teaching at a local community college
  • Conducting classes for industry newcomers
  • Holding events to educate consumers or teach classes for DIY (do it yourself) projects
  • Host events for professionals on construction building topics
  • Open houses for consumers, brokers or agents
  • Community interest topics
  • Networking events
  1. Reach Out

Slow months are an optimal time to reach out to referral partners, former customers and others that may have new work to send your way. Ramping up marketing during slow months to reach out to your target market or even expand it can help you acquire new business which might even make seasonal slowdowns a thing of the past.

In addition to reaching out to your contacts, slow months might be an ideal time for you to look at your target markets with fresh eyes and make sure they are large enough to help you sustain your business on an on-going basis. If not, use this time to expand your marketing efforts and reach new segments that will make it easier for you to keep your construction company busy year-round.

  1. Diversify

Diversification strategies – such as expanding expertise, hiring new contractors or buying new equipment – that enable you to switch gears and increase other activities when winter weather slows down one part of your business could be a key way to generate revenue during slower months, year in and year out. The more adaptable your business model becomes, the easier it will be to ensure steady cash flow and replace revenues during seasonal or cyclical slowdowns.

  1. Expand Your Footprint

Expanding business capabilities with corporate or franchise offices in different regions of the country could not only help you grow your construction company but also help make it impervious to winter weather slowdowns, since work can be scheduled in multiple marketplaces and adjusted around seasonal changes.

  1. Join a Professional Association

The benefits of reciprocity and the fellowship offered by association memberships can be invaluable in helping you gain new referrals and brand awareness. These associations are also likely to help you network with professionals that could help you with diversification or expansion or who might even be interested in future employment by your company.

Seasonal slowdowns often impact construction companies, especially during years when winter weather becomes especially bad. Strategies to replace revenues during winter months or generate new revenues to lessen their impact can make your construction business more profitable year-round.



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