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Copywriting School: 10 Free Resources You Need to Write Social Media Messages Like a Pro


If you have ever found yourself wondering why some social posts “go viral” while your own fail to produce the engagement or return desired, help is here! Use these free resources and learn how to draft social media messages like a pro.

  1. Moz.com Guide to Social Media

Covering everything from social media statistics to best practices, you can use Moz.com’s definitive Guide to Social Media as a primer for your whole social marketing strategy or just to refine your social media copywriting strategy from platform to platform.

  1. Post-Writing Hacks

Experts like Neil Patel (founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Quick Sprout) are generous in giving away the strategies they have used to achieve success on social media. Download your own print copy of The Simple Guide to Writing Social Media Headlines (That People Click) to use as an in-depth primer for how to write social media posts like a pro, in order to get the attention of members of your target audiences and motivate them to take action.

  1. Grammarly.com

Drafting social media messages on the fly, right in the platform, may make it more difficult to catch spelling and grammar errors before your post goes public. Grammarly.com is a free resource social media copywriters can use that will flag potential spelling and grammar errors anywhere you are composing content, including on social platforms themselves.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite.com is a must-use resource for today’s social marketers. Not only can you avail yourself of six free online courses available in their social media learning center, you can also use the Hootsuite platform at no cost to automate posting for up to three social profiles.

  1. CharacterCountOnline.com

Any time a social media post ends in dot dot dot, you run the risk that the most important, compelling or interesting information in the post might actually fall too late in the post to be seen by your target audience. When you cut and paste a social post into charactercountline.com you can see how many characters are in the post. This allows you to see where sites that limit the number of characters in a post will truncate your headline and gives you the opportunity to optimize the wording to ensure that what is most important will be seen by social media users. This lightweight digital copywriting tool also shows the keyword density in a post, which can also affect whether it is more or less likely to be served up by search engines in social search results.

  1. Bitly.com

Bitly.com is a free tool you can use to create a short link for any URL. This can be incredibly useful for social media post writing, especially for social media platforms where post length is limited. Shortening links using Bitly’s free tool makes the link less obtrusive in your social post and leaves you with more characters for attention-getting words. In addition, you can also use Bitly to measure and track engagement since free analytics, including number of clicks, shares and even the specific sites and networks where “bitlinks” are shared, are available to platform users.

  1. Pixabay.com

Having relevant images to attract social media users’ attention is absolutely critical to your social marketing strategy. In fact, articles with images get an astounding 94 percent more views than others. Free registration is the only requirement for downloading and using any of Pixabay.com’s nearly 600k high resolution copyright-free photos, illustration and vector images in your social media posts.

  1. Feedly.com

Feedly.com allows you to discover which content is most popular in your social media feeds. Understanding what is trending online can be an invaluable way to adjust your social posts very quickly in order to capitalize on the topics that social users are responding to at any given time. In addition, using Feedly can help you identify which publishers are successfully engaging with social media users; which, in turn, gives you the ability to study their approach for tips and tricks that may improve engagement with your own audience.

  1. Likeablehub.com

Getting ideas to continually spark user interest is one of the biggest challenges social media marketers face. Likeablehub.com can be used for free and serves up a list of social media post and content ideas based on the other influential content currently being shared on your social networks.

  1. Social Media Podcasts

Social media marketing mastery is not a destination, but a journey. Taking advantage of all of the free advice served up on a regular basis in socialmediaexaminer.com’s social media podcasts is a great choice for marketers who need to stay on top of the myriad of changes social platforms make each year as well as best practices that can help you boost overall effectiveness of your social marketing efforts.

One of the challenges in using social media for marketing is finding tools and guides to help create an effective strategy. The good news for marketers today is that many of the social media marketing tools that can significantly improve your results are free and can help you build the skills you need to draft social media updates like the pros.

What about you? Is there a free social media guide or tool you couldn’t live without? Share this resource with our readers by leaving a comment below or tweeting it to us @KabbageInc.