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The Best Small Business Resources: Customer Loyalty and Customer Service Tools

Customer Service Tools

In this series about the best small business resources, we will share how the great tools of today make it easier to grow your business and stay productive, organized and efficient. Check out this list of 4 customer loyalty and customer service tools.

Resources for Customer Loyalty


What it does: LevelUp is a mobile payments solution that also has a customer loyalty program component. LevelUp makes it easier for customers to seamlessly pay with their phones while giving businesses better insights into customer behavior so they can make customized customer incentive campaigns that generate additional sales.

Cost: Payment processing costs 1.95% (flat fee) per transaction, and campaigns are pay-for-performance, with LevelUp charging a fee of 25% of the incentive offered by the business.


What it does: Perka is a mobile customer loyalty program based on customer check-ins from mobile phones. The program enables small businesses to create sophisticated loyalty e orts that reward customers for repeat visits and multiple purchases.

Cost: Price details are available by contacting Perka.


What it does: Spendgo is a customer rewards program that integrates with a variety of Point of Sale systems, targets customers based on their prior behavior and preferences, and gives businesses the flexibility to reward customers for buying specific items rather than just rewarding them for total dollars purchased.

Cost: Get more information about how it works and pricing by requesting a free Spendgo demo.

Customer Service Tools

Help Scout

What it does: Help Scout is help desk software that enhances customer experience by improving visibility into every stage of the customer service process – from responding to inquiries to resolving issues to viewing customer relationship histories. Help Scout makes it easy to assign tasks and create work flows among different members of the help desk team, leading to faster resolution of customer issues and building stronger customer relationships.

Cost: Help Scout costs $20 per user per month.


Even though we have come a long way since the pre-Internet era, some things related to running a small business have not changed. Utilizing strong customer services practices that encourage customer loyalty is key to ensuring your business continues to remain efficient and profitable.

We have shared 4 customer loyalty and customer service tools to make it quicker and easier for you to accomplish all of your small business objectives. If you are looking for even more resources for your small business, check out this BIG list of small business resources we created and watch your small business thrive.