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Kabbage Customer Reviews

Kabbage customer reviews

We are proud to support the growth of the small business community and are therefore honored to share some of our customer reviews right here.


“I hadn’t thought much about expanding my online business because I was pleased with the $500 to $700 a month I was making selling on eBay. I then heard about Kabbage and thought I’d give it a try. They approved me for a $500 advance on the spot.  I used this money to purchase exclusive comics at a wholesale price of $10.00 per issue. I normally couldn’t afford to purchase something like this, but… over the next 6 months, I used the Kabbage money to build my business and am now generating revenue of $6000 a month selling comics and action figures.”

-Jesse James Criscione, owner of Jesse James Comics

“Since our relationship started with Kabbage, we’ve been able to expand our inventory and generate well over 25-30% net profit growth. We have significantly increased our advance amount by linking various Kabbage approved accounts to our profile such as UPS and Facebook. Before Kabbage, we were only able to buy one or two instruments at a time. Now, we are able to clear out entire studios.”

-Chris Byrne, owner of The Gear Geeks

“Before Kabbage I was selling close to $1700 a month. After Kabbage, my sales grew to over $3000 a month!  I saw a huge return on my investment and my business is still growing.”

-Erik Jimenez, owner of Belongings Broker

“I started my business with money I borrowed from my family. On average, I was making about $75,000 to $100,000 in revenue. Then I saw a display ad for Kabbage. I used the cash to purchase inventory. It took less than two months to see a return on my investment. Kabbage has taken some of the stress out of buying inventory. I know there will cash available if I need it.”

-Stephen Johnson, owner of RecycleMotors707

“Before my first Kabbage advance, I was struggling to buy new inventory.  Then, I took my first $1000 and within 30 days I saw a 300% increase in business.  From August to November I saw my sales triple. I plan to leverage Kabbage more [during] the holiday rush!  Being able to afford inventory and not have to worry about having cash on hand has been astronomical.  Kabbage has allowed me to continue to do what I love and I am very thankful for that.”

-Terri Bingham, owner of Terri’s Books

“I took out a $500.00 Kabbage advance and within a week, I turned that into $1300  Kabbage is like my best friend back home.  I know that even if I am away, I can contact them when I need money for a deal.  My goal is to be selling at least $500,000 a month within the next five years.  I do not think I would be where I am today, if it weren’t for Kabbage.”

-Cynthia Jensen, owner of 2 Flying Stews

“The only thing I can say about Kabbage is it’s incredible! In less than 6 minutes, I applied for and was approved for $4600 funded to our PayPal account.”

-Mitch Rezman, owner of Windy City Parrot

“Kabbage is unique because they base your credit line on not only just your credit score but also payment history, partnerships with other companies, etc.  Having the capital provided by Kabbage has helped my company grow by adding more inventory for a wider selection of products.”

-Matthew Woodward, Owner of Your Deal Source LLC

“I am a stay-at-home mom with 4 small children. I have been selling on eBay for the last 7 years to help support my family. Kabbage advanced me $500 to help my business grow 🙂 With that money I was able to buy more items to sell on eBay, which in turn tripled my eBay sales. Kabbage is a great way for small business places to grow!

-Angie Poff

“Currently, we are re-branding our business and focusing more on marketing. So the Kabbage cash has allowed us to stay on track while our sales are slower. This has been a great experience for us. We don’t have to worry while we direct our attention to transforming our business and taking it to the next level.”

-Rex Lefler, Co-Owner of Is Was + Will Be


If you are in need of flexible funding for your small business, we are happy to help! Whether you are in need of financing for equipment, inventory, payroll or anything else in between, Kabbage can help you qualify for a line of credit in minutes!