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This group of small business superheroes helps other small businesses tell beautiful stories through accounting.

“If I can help clients do their best work – do the work they’re most passionate about – they’re happier, and that’s just making change throughout the whole world.”

- Tina Garza

More than Numbers: Accountingprose Empowers Small Businesses by Telling Their Stories

When people think of accounting, the word “exciting” might not come to mind but for Tina Garza, owner and chief number cruncher at Accountingprose, non-traditional routes have always been her thing. After working her way to CFO of an organization run by a monk where Tina had the chance to teach people meditation and yoga all over the world, she began doing part-time accounting for small businesses on the side.

“The business sort of built itself kind of naturally and at one point, I had to make a decision about what I really wanted to do,” Tina says.

Tina knew she wanted to focus on helping small businesses not only thrive, but to tell their stories as they pursue their passions. “By offering small businesses my accounting services, I can help them do their best work and do what they love. This is really what I get up for every single day.”

Quickly Expanding a Small Business, So Others Can Do the Same

So Accountingprose was created in 2010 to do just that—to empower small businesses through smart, cloud-based accounting and payroll services while telling their unique stories. (Hence, the prose.) By 2012, Accountingprose was Tina’s full-time job and she was ready to hire her first employee at the end of the year.

As her business grew and hired more people, Tina wanted the security that comes with a little extra funding. When she approached regular lenders, she tended to face the same challenges her small business clients faced—a lack of history. She was looking for a partner that could help her grow the business and find cash in ways big banks couldn’t. Then she found Kabbage.

“Getting approved with Kabbage is really simple.” Tina says. “I got funded within a week and the customer service was exceptional. I recommend it to my clients because it was so simple.”

For Tina, Kabbage funds have become a recurring source of peace of mind as she rapidly expands her business. Whether hiring new employees, managing payroll, or knowing she can replace her current equipment should any of it fail, her Kabbage line of credit keeps Accountingprose prepared for every possible curveball.

“We use our Kabbage funds whenever we know we are about to go through a period of growth,” Tina says. “We’ve grown from one to eight and now ten employees and I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon.”

Finding the Right Team for a Compassion Fueled Company

The Accountingprose team knows its strength comes from its employees, and the energy they bring to work each day. Because her employees have chosen work at Accountingprose rather than a big accounting firm, Tina makes sure they know their work/life balance is respected. She’s also a big fan of regular employee gatherings, whether it’s for a fun day of fitness outdoors or just a pizza party. Tina has worked hard to hire people with the right values for Accountingprose.

“I want to make sure I’m building a practice that is sustainable and really fun to be in,” Tina says. “It’s not just one person or one business that we’re affecting. You help this person, who helps this person, who helps this person. It’s bigger than I think anybody ever realizes.”

Kabbage has been able to act as, in Tina’s words, “a strategic partner.” Because so many of their clients are unable to find funding from traditional lending institutions, Accountingprose recommends Kabbage. “Going to a big bank trying to get funding and going through Kabbage is a totally different experience, so they’re really thrilled with their relationship that we’ve connected them with.”

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