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5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic to Your Online Store

how to increase website traffic

It’s enough of a challenge getting your online store set up, but that’s only half the battle. Now you have to drive traffic to your website; they are not going to just show up in droves.

Luckily there are some tried and true methods that can help you understand how to increase website traffic and help you boost your numbers, though they demand a lot of hard work and attention.

How to Increase Website Traffic:

1. Create a Blog

Blogs serve many functions, the most important of which gives your audience frequent updates and insights about your store. Did you source some new awesome products on your recent trip to Belize? Did you get an amazing gift for your anniversary that you want to share? Blogs are an easy way to update your site and keep in regular contact with your customers.

Blogs also help with search engine optimization (SEO). This is because the Google search bots that visit your site prefer to see updated content, and blogs are a great way to write new copy. Additionally, each blog post will add another page to your site – and the general rule is that more pages = better (unless you abuse the practice and create tens of thousands of auto-generated pages).

2. Get Your Social Media Juices Flowing

Blogging is great because it allows business owners to connect with customers frequently and cheaply. Well, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can do this even more effectively – that’s why they’re both sometimes referred to as micro-blogging networks.

FB and Twitter should be viewed as marketing channels driving both brand awareness and web traffic. They are hubs on which potential customers can learn about your store and then get driven to interface with it directly via links. Instead of paying for traffic, you can get people to click on links to your site for free by investing time and effort building up your social media reach. They are also a great way to promote the content you create on your blog.

3. Content Marketing

Not all those blog posts you write have to appear on your own site; you can give them to other blogs for publication. Content syndication is a win-win. As the content writer who shares with other blogs, you get free exposure to a new audience; meanwhile, the hosting blog gets free content that he can promote on his social media channels while receiving the SEO credit. Note: when sharing content always be sure to include a link back to your site in the article. That will help drive traffic and is an integral part of link building.

4. Link Building

The Google algorithm for search results is dependent upon other sites recommending your site as the authority on given search terms. The best way outside sites can validate yours by linking to it.

If you’re lucky some sites will link to your “organically,” i.e. you won’t have to pay them or even ask them to. But this usually happens with bigger brands; you’ll see bloggers write something like “I want this shirt.”

But most of us have to ask for links – and that means reaching out to personal and professional friends for a favor. Buy someone lunch in return for a link. Tweet twice about your neighbor’s product in return for a link on her blog. You get the idea. Link building should be ongoing and persistent; it’s not the most fun thing in the world but it can pay large dividends for your store.

5. Email

For many marketers, the email channel is the most efficient way to get conversion results. You don’t have to buy email address lists, either; just brainstorm ways to “capture” email addresses of those who show interest in your products. One idea is a newsletter; ask visitors on your site whether they want to keep abreast of the latest news coming from your store, and have them enter an email address in order to receive it. After a few weeks, blast out the newsletter featuring all your new products, and maybe even offer a little discount – and boom, you have a channel of “warm leads” (people who have asked for more info about your services) receiving a constant stream of product updates and discounts for little or no cost to you.


Online marketing channels aren’t built in a day; in fact, they can take months if not years to develop. But a sustained investment in learning how to increase website traffic can really drive traffic to your website, thereby opening up the sales funnel to a whole new audience of potential customers.

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