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Facebook Launches “Call Now” Button to Connect Customers Directly with Local Businesses

Facebook Call Now


Over the past few months, we’ve profiled Facebook’s latest initiatives to improve their digital marketing offerings to small businesses like Creative Shop and new ad targeting options. And with the Call Now button, business’ can now include a direct line in their Facebook ads and create an instant connection.

Facebook’s revenue from small business advertising is substantial, and most likely makes up the majority of their advertising customers. But Facebook’s Director of Small Business admits that they’ve “underinvested in the service (Facebook) has provided to small businesses.”

The latest feature provides two ways to connect customers to your business: “Call Now” and “Get Directions.” When a person clicks “Call Now” in an ad, their phone will automatically dial your business. With “Get Directions,” the button will bring users directly to your company’s location from their phone. They’re both designed to enable users to reach you when they’re physically near your business, and the ads can target people when they’re close by or those who live in the same area as your business, whether that’s walking distance or a few miles away.

Here’s how it works: You can create an ad from your Page in less than two minutes. Set a budget, choose a photo and select a relevant message for the people in your area, including your call to action button ­– “Get Directions” or “Call Now.” Facebook takes care of the rest. There’s also a dashboard that lets you track the number of people the ad reaches and the number of clicks on your “Get Directions” or “Call Now” buttons.

This new offering is housed within Facebook’s first “local awareness objective” that is designed to make people more knowledgeable about the places around them. It’s specifically focused on helping local businesses.

The initiative grew out of the fact that 99 percent of people who see a Facebook ad and then buy a product from that store didn’t click on the ad. Also, campaigns optimized to reach the most people saw a 70 percent higher return on investment than those that did not. Facebook believes that to drive local awareness, reach is more important than clicks. They claim that through the local awareness objective, you can spend less money and reach more people in your area in a way that’s less costly than any other kind of advertising, including newspaper or direct mail.

We’re excited to see Facebook providing local businesses with incredibly innovative offerings to help them gain customers and increase sales. Businesses use Facebook more than other social media platforms for their digital media marketing efforts, and it’s great to see them roll out so many new initiatives in 2015.

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