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Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Owners Share Small Business Favorites

Throughout May, small businesses have been celebrated and praised. To end National Small Business Month, we wanted to hear from small business owners themselves. We asked national – and some international – small business owners their favorite part of running a small business.

What is your favorite part of running a small business?

 “I run a digital marketing consultancy and love the freedom to pick and choose clients while servicing industries I respect and enjoy.” – Natalie Andreas, Independent Consultant

“The best part about running my own business is that I get to create things. I get to meet people every day whose lives are better because of the product that I envisioned and led the team to build. Entrepreneurship is the only thing I can think of where you can see a problem and create a business model around fixing it. I also love the challenge. When you start a company, it feels like your job is to take off in an airplane, except you are standing at the beginning of the runway with nothing. You have to find the parts and put them together to make a plane that can take off while you’re running down the runway. When it works, there is no feeling like it. It’s hard for me to imagine a greater level of responsibility and accountability in a career than running your own business.” – Steven Benson, Badger Maps

“My favorite thing about running a small business is the freedom. Being a business owner is hard work, but I love that I’m able to have much more freedom and secure the future of my family and be a part of their lives.” – Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation

“I enjoy the freedom that comes with being one’s own boss! There is still plenty of stress running a small business, but it’s your stress; not the stress imposed on you by a boss or the corporate monotony of attending committee meetings all day.” – John Kinskey, AccessDirect, Inc.

“My favorite thing about running or small company is that we get to try different things, experiment and celebrate successes when they work out.” – Bryan Clayton, GreenPal

“My favorite thing has to do with the ability to be able to make my own decisions – ones that can impact your business for the good or bad. I like to be in charge, as do most entrepreneurs, and the buck stops with us. As an entrepreneur, you have to have faith in yourself and trust your own abilities. I enjoy having that responsibility. I also enjoy having the option to make those decisions in a relatively short period of time. Yes, we do research and explore the alternatives to make sure we are doing the best things for our company and our clients, but there are no layers of management to navigate and no threat of reprisal from a boss or supervisor. As the boss, there are fewer filters and no approvals needed to launch a new service or try something different. Instead of sitting on a manager’s desk for months, you can take action on a new idea or program immediately. After you’ve done your homework, and are confident in your approach, there is little need for delay.” – Steve Turner, Solomon Turner

“Being able to take control of my own destiny.” – Jimmy Chan, Pixelicious

“I would say my favorite part of running a small business is the creative thinking that it stimulates, along with the opportunity it provides for executing on new ideas that develop as a result. There’s nothing more exciting than having the freedom to innovate, and owning a small business is the perfect platform.” – Amad Ebrahimi, Merchant Maverick

“My favorite thing about running my small PR business is that I can work from anywhere. When my grandma and dad were sick, I was able to work from their bedsides. This was priceless. I’m able to drive friends to doctor’s appointments, pick If I want to go out of town, I can go and still meet work deadlines.” – Tami Belt, Blue Cube Marketing Solutions

“One of my favorite things about being a freelancer and consultant is the scheduling freedom. I am able to schedule coffee meetups and attend more industry events in comparison to when I am in an office full-time for a non-profit or corporate business. It also allows me to discover my strengths while improving upon my weaknesses.” – Vanessa Diaz, PipelinePepper

“The freedom of creating and executing on any ideas I may have. Freedom is a priceless thing to have, and that is also true for one’s professional life. I run my own small business, which means I have the liberty to take any risks I want and to implement any over-the-edge or too progressive ideas I may have. That’s something only an entrepreneurial career can give, and it’s one of the main propellers of society’s economic progress.” – Nicki Chandi, SlickPie Accounting Software

“My favorite thing about running a business is the feeling of fulfillment. Knowing that I was able and am still able to make amazing things and products out of my ideas and knowledge – that alone is fulfilling for me. But once I see people accept and love my products, then that’s a feeling of success as well.” – Fern Koh, Fernberry

“The opportunity to connect one-on-one with your customers. We’ve developed relationships with the people who use our products and have enjoyed getting to know more about them. A mutually respectful owner-client friendship provides a great sense of worth and reward for both parties.” – Carrie Seibert, Soap Commander

“What I love most about being an entrepreneur is the constant sense of adventure and satisfaction in building a business that fills a real void in the market. I am an engineer by trade but also a consumer in life, so being able to combine technical skills with customer experiences in order to create a better, safer alternative to traditional marketplaces is hugely rewarding.” – Lucas Lu, 5miles

“My favorite thing about running my own small business is the freedom to create. I have the ability to design, market and produce my own products. The process of creating is very rewarding especially when my customers love my designs. There is a great sense of pride in creating something out of an idea. Learning along the way and interacting with my customers are also things I enjoy. I am constantly growing and learning from my small business. I feel privileged to wake up every morning and do what I love. Sharing and expressing my creativity through my small business.” – Lisa Chu, Black n Bianco

“My favorite thing about running a small business is the lack of bureaucracy, and the freedom that comes from this. Like most small businesses, we operate a flat organization. Because of this, all our seniors make the final decisions for their areas. This makes me more of a facilitator and liaison than a traditional manager and is the great perk of hiring a team you can trust. The end result is freedom to focus on what I do best and to let them have the reigns while I travel.” – Alexis Chateau, Alexis Chateau PR

“Running your own business means you are in control of your life. But it definitely gets difficult at times. Although, personally, it’s a lot more rewarding than a 9-5 job. The thing I love the most about running my own business is the ability to choose projects that I want to work on and the creative freedom I get with it.” – Jain Karan, MagFirst

“I feel like I’m living the American Dream. I’ve given birth to an invention. I’ve gone from 15 years of helping others build their dreams to a life finally dedicated to building my own. It’s the most rewarding feeling.” – Lori Cheek, Cheek’d

“My absolute favorite thing about running a small business is the flexibility. Although the hours are long, I choose when and where to work. I choose my hours and my breaks, and I can grow at a pace that is suitable for me. I also get to stay at home with my children and work on my own free time, rather than having set office hours.” – Maayan Naveh, Living Waters

“The best part about running a small business for me, personally, has been the opportunity to give people jobs. One of our employees just purchased his first home, and it felt incredible to know that our company was able to give him the ability (in part) to fulfill that dream.” – Lauren Maiman, the midnight oil group

“My favorite thing about running my digital agency is the fact that I get to engage with my clients face to face and have a conversation with them about their specific needs. For me nothing beats that creative one-on-one process that is done in person. Another beautiful thing about my business is that it still gives me time to spend it with friends and family.” – Alejandro Rioja, Flux.LA

“My favorite thing about running a small business is that it feels like a true team effort, where everybody contributes and has a strong sense of ownership. Bigger companies can feel more like battling business units: “us vs. them”. Plus, you often get folks who don’t really pull their own weight.” – Jói Sigurdsson, CrankWheel

“My favorite thing about running a small business is training our team. I get a lot of satisfaction helping people develop their skills, learn and progress in their career. It also improves the level of work our company delivers. Training our team is a win-win for everyone. It benefits our employees, the company, and our customers. That’s what running a business is all about!” – Matt Bentley, CanIRank

“I love the independence of running my own business and the flexibility it provides. I get to choose my hours and work when I am most productive. I can travel while working. Every day I get to decide what I want to work on and which problems need to be solved. It’s my job to determine the future direction of the company, which is nerve wrecking and exhilarating. In the end, I enjoy knowing I am in control of my own destiny.” – Sophie Knowles, PDF Pro

“My favorite thing about running a small business is being able to set my own schedule and live abroad. I’ve been living abroad and traveling for the past four years (the main locations being Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Ireland, England and now Mexico City). I run my team totally remotely, and we’re able to make it work by having regular check ins and well-defined processes.” – Ryan O’Connor, One Tribe Apparel

“I love operating a business that helps dreamers realize their potential.” – Linda Murray Bullard, LSMB Business Solutions

“I would say that it is the ability to get to choose who I want to work with. In every job, I have ever had, there were always at least two people (above, lateral or below) in the organization that were inefficient or just a terrible experience to work with. As a business owner, you don’t have to accept every customer or work with whoever landed there in the position that is critical to your deadlines.” – Ray Higdon, Higdon Group

“My favorite thing about running a small business is the fact that every day is different. As a small business owner, I’m involved in every aspect of my business. One day I may be making sales myself. The next day I may be writing content for our website, helping other agents or laying out a marketing plan for the future. Because every day is different, I never get burned out or feel the need to do something [else].” – Garrett Ball, Secure Medicare Solutions

“My favorite thing about running a small business is directly seeing how I help people. When I worked for big corporations, I never was able to see my impact in making people’s lives better. Now, I know immediately, and I even to get enjoy people telling me about how my advice made their business better or saved them money or got them started on the right path. I’m lucky!” – Francine Love, Love Law Firm, PLLC

“My favorite thing about running a small business is knowing that I am contributing to the local economy. I employ, or contract-for-hire, construction workers, real estate agents, title companies and other local businesses as I buy and fix up homes. I’m not anti-corporation, but it is much more rewarding knowing that as a small business owner I can decide where we spend our budget, and I prefer to spend it on other small businesses.” – Jake Knight, Skye Homes

“The best thing about running your own business is seeing the growth of the employees. I find it rewarding even when they leave the company if it is indeed for a better opportunity. Nothing else even comes close to knowing you’ve made a difference in another person’s life.” – Bob Bentz, Advanced Telecom Services

“My favorite thing about running a small business is developing relationships with our clients over the long term. I get to know our customers by their names, learn the ins and outs of their businesses and form connections with them. It’s always great when your customers do repeat business with you because it means you are adding value. But what I really enjoy the most is the opportunity to get to know our clients on a personal level.” – Charles Dugan, American Image Displays

“My favorite thing about running a small business is receiving positive reviews from our customers. It always brightens my day when one of our clients leaves us a 5-start review online or phones in to let us know how pleased they are with the product and service they received. If our customers are happy, it means we are doing a good job. Hearing from our happy customers keeps me motivated.” – Bob Ellis, Bavarian Clockworks

“I love creating a positive company culture that encourages team members to collaborate and be their best. Developing the right culture isn’t easy. You have to be able to manage different personalities and assemble a team that works well together. It’s such a critical part of running a business because it helps you attract talented, motived employees and retain the ones you have. It’s something I find very rewarding because it creates an environment that is enjoyable to work in for everyone.” – Serena Holmes, Tigris Events

“For me it’s the dream that my business will one day not be so small anymore. Knowing that I can make that happen keeps me extremely motivated.” – Efuah Faler, Devoted

“One of the best things about running a small business it’s to the opportunity to give the 1:1 personal treatment for each of my clients, making my business special and giving a stress free experience they are looking for.” – Charlene Trinsi, Yellow Factor Media

“After all of the hard work and efforts you’ve put in you finally created a power team that allows you to be the visionary.” – Teana McDonald, 3E Connections

“My favorite thing about running a small business is there is always a new challenge –  something to keep me on my toes. I work hard every day checking things off of my to-do list, then the next day I find 10 more things to do. If it’s not marketing to be found or adding new products, then it’s balancing my home life of taking care of my daughter, cooking and cleaning while answering messages and giving quote to new customers. There is always something to be done and my hard work pays off with every person that is overjoyed with their item and when my house has order.” – Jessica Killough, Killough’s Kustoms

“My favorite thing about running a small business is the excitement. I have a sense of belonging to the business as if it were my baby. All the hard work I have put into it, it’s like starting with a seedling and doing your best to maintain it and to watch it grow. There truly aren’t many other things as satisfying as that. I was never this passionate about any work I did in my life until I ran my own business and highly recommend to those who wish to take the leap.” – Sam Malik, DrFelix

“I run a small advertising agency, and the best thing about running my small business is the freedom to come up with ideas, test them, and then review the results. I love that in my small business I get to come up with ideas and test them all the time. When I worked at large companies, coming up with ideas and testing them was not only difficult to do, it wasn’t even an option. But at Rothman PPC we’re always questioning things, testing ideas, and making decisions based on the results!” – Jason Rothman, Rothman PPC

“Overcoming challenges in helping clients find their wine taste and [tackling] the problem by providing an experience, not merely selling a product.” – Danni Lin, Great Wine

“My favorite thing is knowing that I created this whole thing, I made it happen. When I worked for Fortune 500 companies, I always had the sense that the ball would roll without me, and if I got hit by a bus, someone would be in my seat by lunch. Now my DNA is in everything we do. It is a great feeling and a brand I am really proud of.” – Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls

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