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Georgia Small Business Week: Apps for Small Businesses

In preparation for Georgia’s small business week, Kabbage asked small business owners to give their insights on starting and succeeding in the small business world. Small business owners from all over responded, bringing a diverse range of experience and answers. In order to be a tool for Georgia, as well as nationwide, entrepreneurs, Kabbage has included their responses below. Kabbage also highlights Brittany Lane of Dream Beard, a local small business in Acworth, Ga.

What apps make your business easier to run?

“We are an e-commerce business, so Shopify has been incredible for us because they offer anything and everything you could want or need to increase traffic to your site, increase sales, communicate with customers, or spruce your site up. It’s been great!!” – Georgia local small business owner Brittany Lane, Dream Beard 

“Slack, UpWork, and Design Pickle.” – Blake Davis, Long Drive Agency

“We host our website on Shopify so we have found their Shopify storefront app to be invaluable. It allows me to keep track of my visitors and sales anytime I am away from my office.” – Alex Reichmann, iTestCash

“I really couldn’t live without Evernote. I think one of the main issues that we run into as a small business is that you always want to answer the phone or emails, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Evernote gives me a logical and consistent spot to log those interactions so I can do what I promise at a later time (like packing a make-up shipment or something along those lines).” – Mark Aselstine, Uncorked Ventures

“Evernote (for teams): Just record an audio file into Evernote, and your team can pick up the instructions from there and run with a new project. Rev: It transcribes your spoken words into text. So that next blog post that is hard to write might be easy to say. The next thing you know, a 5-minute diatribe instantly turns into a great post.” – Carrie Wood, Lease Ref

“Get to grips with Google AdWords. Use MailChimp for free email campaigns. Use Quickbooks online for bookkeeping. It seems complicated but is actually quite intuitive and [has] an app to use on the go.” – Flora Pringle, Cracked Candy

“RingCentral phone app makes it easy for us to keep in contact with our customers. We also use GetJobber to schedule our appointments.” – Aziza Hana, 10BucksARoom

“Base CRM: organizes all leads, contacts and deals. Audible: to listen to audio books. Sideline: to add a secondary business phone number to your cell phone. RingCentral: to set up a virtual phone system. LiquidPlanner: for robust project management and time tracking.” – Russ Frazier, Visigility

“Some good apps that I found work great are Invoice & Estimate, Business Plan & Start Start-up, and the Handyman Calculator.” – Albert Mercer, Clear Window Specialist

“Slack. This is an amazing tool that we use to communicate individually, as groups, and collaborate on projects.” – Bill Sebald, Greenlane Search Marketing

“At ContentPark, we use — and love — lots of different apps. While modern technology can help almost any business, it is utterly essential to mine. Because our contractors are mostly remote, the communication process is a bit more complex. Along with our proprietary app, which we use for content submission and client communication, we use a number of commercially available apps, including: Slack (for real-time messaging), Asana (for to-do listing and task assignment), and Toggl (for time-tracking).” – Kimberly Barnes, ContentPark

“Slack, Trello, and Skype.” – Kean Graham, MonetizeMore

“Communication is always key in any business; we use Intercom for aid communication with our customers. They have a great app to allow our team to stay on top of customer comms from anywhere.”  Ian Naylor, AppInstitute

“Square makes it easy to accept money for our products, whether we are exhibiting at an event, selling at a farmers’ market, or meeting someone locally who placed an online order. Using our phones as a business tool makes it easier to multi-task with apps like Square and Quickbooks.” – Lynne Irving, Detroit Gourmet Nut Company

“We recommend a few apps for small businesses that we love using ourselves. First, JustWorks: As a small company we don’t have our own HR department, so JustWorks has freed up my time in taking care of things like our payroll and benefits. We are able to pay freelancers for free using ACH payments and manage employee benefits and workflows using their simple to use software. Second, SignNow: We use SignNow for all of our contracts and legal documents with new startup clients. The ease of handling signatures online has saved us countless hours of scanning and emailing and has accelerated our sales process. Third, Trello: Trello is a great lightweight project management tool that we use to organize everything from our product roadmap to our sales process.” – Jordan Wan, CloserIQ

“I have The 90 Day Year app for productivity. It’s astoundingly awesome. It helps me assign a dollar value to each task on my to-do list and stay most focused on the stuff in my business that leads to money coming in and growth.” – Drew Cerullo, Better Profit Growth

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