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Georgia Small Business Week: Small Business Resources

In preparation for Georgia’s small business week, Kabbage asked small business owners to give their insights on starting and succeeding in the small business world. Small business owners from all over responded, bringing a diverse range of experience and answers. In order to be a tool for Georgia, as well as nationwide, entrepreneurs, Kabbage has included their responses below. Kabbage also highlights Brittany Lane of Dream Beard, a local small business in Acworth, Ga.

What resources should small business owners be reading/following?

“Business owners should stay connected to other business owners, big and small, because something can be learned from them all. We are on the Entrepreneur Advisory Board for FedEx along with eight other small businesses, and getting together with them to talk about what works for them and what doesn’t has been incredibly helpful.” – Georgia local small business owner Brittany Lane, Dream Beard

“‘Inc.’ and TED Talks.” – Yawntreshia Coleman, Coleman & Company

“I read ‘Forbes’ magazine and the trade magazines in the chocolate business. I also read about wine because we specialize in chocolate that pairs with wine, so I like to keep up on the trends. While ‘Forbes’ may not fit into my exact business model, I like reading it because it keeps my head in big numbers. Sometimes I think, ‘How can I afford that new $8,000 machine for production?’, but then I see people who have multimillion-dollar production questions, and it makes mine seem a little more reasonable. Everyone is different, but I would say read magazines that keep you motivated as well as knowledgeable in your industry. ‘Inc.’ and ‘Entrepreneur’ are great motivators also: plenty of stories about perseverance and keeping the dream alive.” – Julie Pech, The Chocolate Therapist

“’The Effective Executive’ by Peter F. Drucker. A great read for executives at every level. Information is still very relevant.” – Vu Tong, Cocoweb

“I really admire Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, and have followed his talks and articles over time. He personally saw the need for online resources to explain complex topics, as he had received questions from family and friends, and took a product-first approach to creating a solution. His focus on providing the most helpful lessons and resources is reflected in the millions of students that regularly use Khan Academy, as he created the ideal product-market fit.” – Rashmi Melgiri, CoverWallet

“In today’s world of digital online success comes from operating smart, and learning how to growth hack your online marketing efforts can be simple, low-cost ways that are achievable for small businesses with small marketing budgets. Resources such as GrowthHackers and are great places to pick up useful strategies and tips.”  Ian Naylor, AppInstitute

“I focus on content that is forward looking. It is important to understand trends in your industry so that you can adapt your model as necessary to take advantage of changes.” – Scott Toal, Killarney Metals

“I read and listen to a lot of small business and entrepreneurial books and podcasts. One of my favorite books is ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey, which helped me grow as a leader and set realistic, yet ambitious, goals that continue to drive me. My two favorite podcasts, because they get me excited about building a business and improving myself, are ‘Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders’ and ‘The Tim Ferris Show’. I would recommend both to anyone, especially entrepreneurs.” – Charles Markman, Galaxy Media Co.

“Social Media Examiner: They are leaders in producing the latest and greatest post about using social media for business. ‘Entrepreneur’: Learning from others’ journeys is a great way to spark an idea for your business. HARO (Help A Reporter Out): This is a great tool for getting your business featured on other publications for free. Recurhub: Payment solution software that allows you to setup customers on monthly transactions.” – Blake Davis, Long Drive Agency

“’No Compromise Leadership’ by Neil Ducoff.” – Mandi Dowsey, Waxuality

“Anyone who is out there and good at what they do. I love Gary Vaynerchuk. It takes two minutes to watch his ‘Daily Vee’ videos and be completely inspired for the day. Join some Facebook business groups that you find interesting and helpful. Read books from the pros: Zig Ziglar, Brendon Burchard, Tim Ferriss. Learn how to sell. Even if you are convinced you are not a salesperson, you must be one. It’s your business; you are the face of your company. You signed up for that when you signed those formation documents.” – Tanya Kelly, RocSite

“Independently from the kind of industry you will be delving in, I would say these are good resources to be following/reading: ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’, ‘Forbes’, and ‘Inc.’. ‘The New York Times’ Entrepreneurship section, ‘The Wall Street Journal’s’ The Accelerator, ‘Wired’, and ‘Small Business Trends’ are also a must for every startup.” – Debora Balardini, PUNTO Space, Nettles Artists Collective, Group .BR

“Definitely network as much as possible. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Follow and read articles put out by ‘Forbes’ and ‘The New York Times’. Always continue to learn and grow. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you know everything about your business. Times and technology are always evolving, and you should as well!” – Aziza Hana, 10BucksARoom

“I really find value in utilizing the online seminars that SCORE offers. SCORE is a nonprofit association supported by the US Small Business Administration, and it’s dedicated to small businesses. They believe in educating their members in all aspects of business. Recent seminar topics range from all-important cyber-security issues to alternative funding options for small businesses. Utilizing local business groups has been very helpful in leap-frogging over business hurdles that otherwise may take an extended period of time to go through ourselves. We belong to Foodlab Detroit, a group of locally-owned food businesses who support each other in the process of growing and improving our individual businesses. If I ever have a question, I have a group of talented people I can call on who will probably have experience in what I am asking and offer good, solid advice.” – Lynne Irving, Detroit Gourmet Nut Company

“I tell every small business owner I know to read ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ by Michael Gerber. It outlines a process by which you can (and must) systemize your business.” – Russ Frazier, Visigility

“There are so many – I will narrow it down to three: ‘Smart Passive Income’ (blog or podcast): Pat Flynn is the ultimate accidental hero and an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. ‘The Tony Robins Podcast’: 80% of business is psychology. That is why business winners can go into all kinds of markets and apply the same winning strategies over and over. ‘Side Hustle School’ podcast: A daily success story broken down into a digestible format. Regardless of your business, this podcast will spark new ideas for your existing business or side projects.” – Carrie Wood, Lease Ref

“Leaders are readers. ‘Inc.’ magazine is a great resource. And given that time is always a limited resource, podcasts are a great way to learn. I suggest ‘EntreLeadership’. They interview a lot of business experts. Then you can listen to their books too.” – Betty Brennan, Taylor Studios, Inc.

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