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Gift Guide: Holiday Gift Ideas to Send Your Clients

Holiday Gift Ideas to Send Your Clients

The season of giving offers service-based businesses the perfect opportunity to build good will and to show appreciation for their customers by sending well-thought out and interesting gifts.

What makes a gift that a client will enjoy? Choose something that shows genuine appreciation, that takes some thought and time to come up with and that is relevant to the person receiving it. A successful gift will elicit warm and happy thoughts about you, your business and how you’ve served the client over time.

It’s probably best to skip the cheap logoed items this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you must break the bank. Creative options abound, and you can usually find something appropriate to fit your budget. Here is a gift guide, with varying price ranges, to spread good cheer among your customers this season.

Treats and Goodies

Delicious food and beverage gifts are always a hit, but we’re not talking about that much-maligned green-studded fruitcake. How about something out-of-the-ordinary? Consider these ideas:

  • McEvoy Ranch produces delicious olive oils, olive-enriched luxury soaps, lip and body balm and candles.
  • Gift Baskets chock full of your clients’ favorite treats are a nice option if they’re created thoughtfully. Think about what your client would really like and then include relevant items that will make them smile. and are two companies that create custom gift baskets for most budgets.
  • Edible Arrangements offers a departure from the usual flower arrangement; your client can enjoy chocolate-dipped strawberries and collections of delicious fruits, for example. It’s a sharable option to send to your favorite client’s office.
  • Totally Chocolate could be a nice option if you have a large number of clients but not a large budget. This company imprints your logo or design into high quality chocolate, with many different products to choose from.


Handmade or crafty ideas are often a great option for client gifts, especially if your client list isn’t extensive.

  • If you’re a DIY’er and have time to create personalized baskets, treats or crafts, check out some of these ideas from Pinterest.
  • Looking for unique, handcrafted artisan work? Visit etsy and browse through page upon page of beautiful, useful and often affordable gift items.

Give Once, Enjoy Throughout the Year

Subscription-based gifting is another option, but it’s probably best reserved for those clients you know fairly well. With a subscription, you choose once and the recipient enjoys the gift many times, depending on the subscription terms. Check out these options:

  • Graze is a health food subscription service that offers hand-picked goodies for $11.99 box, with no long-term commitment.
  • Craft Coffee sends choice coffee selections to the recipient, for a one to 12 month subscription length.
  • The Dollar Shave Club sends the recipient quality razors with convenient monthly delivery, and you can choose from three price-points with varying time frames. It’s been around for a few years, but it’s still a fun option for the right client.
  • Blissmo allows you to pick collections of either healthy, natural snacks or eco-friendly personal products at budget-friendly prices.
  • BarkBox is perfect for your dog-loving clients – the company chooses treats and toys based on the size of the pet, then ships for the number of months you’d like.

Helping Others

Often the best gift is simply giving to others. Donating to charities and causes important to your clients and their communities can be a powerful way to partner with them and to help others at the same time. When going this route, it’s important to know what resonates with the recipient so it’s personal and heartfelt. Here are just a few options:

  • Kiva Cards give people the opportunity to help others and change lives worldwide with a small loan. With a Kiva gift, you make the $25 loan and your client can choose whom they’d like to support with the loan, made in their name. When that loan is repaid, the client can choose to use the funds again, continuing to help others.
  • Giftback allows businesses and clients to support causes that are important to them – 10 percent of each purchase goes back to a charity of your client’s choice.
  • World Vision is an example of a charity that allows you to make a donation in your client’s name. Browse through their Gift Catalog and choose a gift to donate, such as a goat and two chickens for a $100 donation, or children’s clothing for a $25 donation. You can honor your clients in a personalized card that’s sent to them.

Do you have gift recommendations that your clients enjoyed? Share them with us in the comments below.


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