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Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay

selling on ebay

Selling on eBay doesn’t require a degree in advanced rocket science, but it does require some know-how to be successful. Whether you’re new to online selling or just want to boost your eBay sales, this guide can help you jumpstart your sales on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Build an eBay Profile

Having a strong feedback rating is key to successful selling on eBay. Very few buyers will do business with zero feedback sellers. So, the first step is building a profile. To do this, you can begin by selling small items. You typically will not have luck with trying to sell a high price item without feedback. You can also buy on eBay to help build your profile.

Research Other eBay Sellers

One of the best aspects of selling on eBay is that you can see just how much items are selling for. How successful other eBay sellers are will give you important insight into how much you should sell your items for.  To get this information, simply fill in the search box with the item description and click completed items. If something is listed in red, it means it hasn’t sold. If you spot an item identical to yours, you can click “sell one like this” at the top of the listing to fill in many of the details.

Focus on the Title

eBay sellers find out quickly that the title of their item can make or break its ability to sell. This is because every item’s title on eBay is searchable. When buyers search, the site automatically searches for words in the item’s title only. For selling on eBay, the right title is absolutely essential!

Use Descriptive Words

Buyers love words like new, never worn, still in the box, and rare. They also seek out brand name goods and hard-to-find items that they just couldn’t find anywhere else besides eBay. If you’re selling a pair of Prada shoes, specify the brand. And, if your item of clothing still has the price tag attached, mention it. The more details you offer and the more descriptive you can be, the better!

Don’t Bid on Your Own Auctions

The practice of bidding on your own auction to boost pricing is called “shill bidding.” It goes against eBay’s policies, and it’s a surefire way to ruin your reputation as an eBay seller.

Learn the eBay Jargon

Being an effective seller on eBay does require you to learn the “speak” of the community. eBay pro sellers often use initials to get their message across in the fewest amount of characters. Some of these common initials include: VGC: very good condition. BIN: buy it now. BN: brand new. BNIB: brand new in the box.

Take Good Photos

Photos are extremely important to every eBay seller. Buyers are very reluctant to purchase items sight unseen. Fortunately, digital cameras can take good enough photos, and these can be uploaded to eBay by just clicking on “add photo.” Make sure that there is enough light. For pricey items, you’ll want to take photos from different angles, as well as close up and distance shots. The background should be plain so that it doesn’t detract from what you’re trying to sell. If there are imperfections, you will want to take close up shots that eBay buyers can inspect – ideally next to a ruler to show the size. They will appreciate your disclosure, and this can in turn help your rating as an eBay seller.

Price It Right

Pricing an item too high on eBay will ensure that no one will bid on it. Price it too low, and you may be forced to sell it at a knock down price. As you sell more on eBay, you will start to get a sense of what the right price is. Interestingly, London University conducted research on this topic and found that auctions with modest start prices fueled more bidding and attained higher final prices than those that started at higher starting prices.

Time It Right

Successful selling on eBay also requires good timing. Consider when your auction is ending. Many bidders will swoop in during the last minutes of an auction to get the best price. Who will be awake to do that at 3:00am? Many eBay selling experts recommend closing an auction between 7pm and 9pm Sunday to Thursday.

Be Seasonal

Bathing suits are unlikely to sell in the winter, and those lovely handmade Christmas ornaments, as lovely as they are, are not going to be a hit in July. Selling on eBay items that buyers want now are always going to be most popular.

Grow Your Reputation

Delivering items quickly and in the exact condition as advertised are both essential to building a stellar feedback reputation on eBay. Sellers should focus on customer service just as any business would. Describe items accurately. Reply to inquiries promptly, and ship, if at all possible, within 48 hours of selling an item. It’s also important to notify buyers when items have shipped and to provide them with a tracking number and an invoice.

Package Carefully

How you ship your goods can also build your reputation when you sell on eBay. Of course, you want to make sure they are secure and neatly packaged, but details such as wrapping in tissue paper and including a business card can set you apart from other eBay sellers.

Be Fair with Refunds

There are those times when a buyer is not happy with an item. Perhaps, it was damaged during shipping. Maybe, it was not as described. In these cases, it’s ok to negotiate with the eBay buyer. However, if you’re clearly in the wrong, you should refund the customer’s money.  If, however, you feel like you’re dealing with a

Think Globally

The world is your marketplace on eBay. If you think you might have more luck selling an item overseas, it may be worthwhile to list it on that country’s eBay site. Locals will take your auction more seriously if you do so because it will be listed in their currency and will rank higher in searches. However, it’s important to keep in mind that shipping overseas will be more expensive than domestic postage. So, you will want to add a higher shipping charge to cover your extra expense.

Get Funds as You Grow

Once you begin to become established as an eBay seller, you may want to begin expanding your online business. This may require additional funds to purchase items, hire help, or invest in equipment or marketing. Obtaining a loan from a bank can be a long and oftentimes, frustrating task. Fortunately, there is an alternative! Kabbage is a quick and easy source for obtaining working capital. In less than 10 minutes, you can get the funds you need to grow your business. Signup is fast and free, and there are no hidden fees or charges. More and more eBay sellers are choosing Kabbage as their solution for obtaining cash for their business. If and when you’re ready to grow, it’s definitely worth checking out!