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Stress Awareness Month: Handling the Stress of Opening a Business

April is National Stress Awareness month, and to help small business owners manage their stress, Kabbage spoke with other small business owners on their own experiences with stress. These owners shared their experiences as well as gave advice on how to manage stress. These questions are extension of the previous post, which can be found here.

How did you handle the most stressful thing you went through when you opened your small business?

 “We knew what was on the other side once we completed this project. We knew we’d be selling our skincare products throughout the country and growing our business. We knew that if we built the site in 2016, by 2020, when e-commerce will outpace retail sales, we’ll be positioned well. We just had to continuously think positively. We also knew the foundation to our site was key so we wanted it to look superb, which is why we were willing to invest so much into the site.” – Jason Parks, DermWarehouse

“I have to learn to put it all away and compartmentalize what needs to be done for my business. It will be there tomorrow!” – Hollie Dean, Hollie Dean Law

“I used the networking skills I had developed in my previous position in corporate America. I also found mentors who had built a successful practice to learn from them.” – Amy Landolt, Northshore Acupuncture Center

“Whenever I feel overwhelmed I have started listening to relaxing music by taking a small break. This really worked for me because playing calm music has a positive effect on the brain and body, can lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol (a hormone linked to stress).” – Amit Kumar, Nibblematrix

“My job is to manage this. Having an objective perspective that is in the trenches helps to organize all of the minutia, big ideas and passion projects. We help our clients compartmentalize, triage and execute.” – Jennifer Markiewicz, Colorado Transition Partners

“I managed by asking for support, being clear in our expectations of others and taking deep breaths. As a founder, I am sentimental about the mission as well as the goals of the organization. As the president, I am focused on the bigger picture while managing the mission, people and quality of the work we do. Things come up every day. We are not perfect beings.” – Dailisha Rodriguez, Hey There Beautiful, Inc.

“I managed it by learning how to be frugal and making sure I had a long-term budget and properly planned for growth. I also hustled my rear-end off, learned all the popular closing techniques and got out there and made those sales to keep my company running.” – Audra Heller, Audra Heller and Associates

“I joined a networking club with other small business owners and also found another small business owner who was in the same start-up phase I was. We met every week by phone or in person for a year.” – Marcey Rader, Work Well. Play More! Institute

“We get unplugged when we can. If we’re on a family vacation, we make an effort to spend at least a few days away from work communications, leaving it to our staff to handle unless an absolute crisis comes up. And each month, we try to give ourselves personal days to do things we enjoy, like hiking and bike riding or, for my partner, playing guitar and doing photography.” – Kathryn Hawkins, Eucalypt

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