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Heartland Merchant Services Review

Quick details of the company and the product offering
As one of the top and most widely used payment processors in the U.S. and the world, Heartland Payment Systems has provided its customers credit card processing services since 1997. Being a fairly new company, it’s impressive that Heartland processes $120 billion of transactions per year from its 250,000 merchants.

With all of its quick success, Heartland did encounter a security breach in 2008. However, the company acknowledged what it lacked and began to increase its security. End-to-end encryption, tokenization, PCI compliance, and the EMV standard appear as the latest security the company uses.

Heartland’s transparency and hard work since the breach helped its ranking on the Better Business Bureau. With only positive factors shown on the BBB, Heartland earns the highest mark of A+.

As for Heartland’s interaction with its customers, the company provides support all hours of each day and typically responds to calls within a couple of seconds. Heartland’s typical three year contract auto-renews if you don’t submit a written proposal to cancel the contract. But keep in mind that the contract’s length can be adjusted. The same applies to Heartland’s $295 early cancellation fee.

No matter what company you run, Heartland provides in-store, mobile, and online payment processing services. Being the fifth-largest processor in the U.S. and the ninth-largest in the world, Heartland provides an interchange-plus pricing and seasonal downtime. Restaurants and merchants earning over $50,000 are the best companies to choose Heartland as a payment processor.
Details of Product offering

Heartland maintains limited fees for its customers. There are no annual, PCI, and statement fees. But you do need to be aware of the $60 per month flat-rate interchange-plus fee and five cents per transaction fee. So if your company is fairly large, the fees each month from Heartland may not seem like much, but if you’re a very small business, its $60+ per month can be costly.

So if you decide that Heartland is not what you want and decide to cancel your contract with Heartland, there’s a $295 cancellation fee. The termination fee is relatively similar to other payment processors, but multiple reports have stated that the cancellation fee can be negotiated.

Payment gateways
Heartland’s in-house gateway and virtual terminal called SmartLink Payment Gateway Tools offers solutions for both in-store and mobile and online devices.

All the transactions are in-house, meaning that Heartland takes all the steps required to process a transaction except those from the customer, the customer’s bank, and the merchant’s bank. Each of the transactions are verified and completed within seconds, making it one of the fastest payment processors. In addition, security measures play a role in the transactions. SmartLink has 100 percent PCI SSL network, which means that all transactions have increased security.

In addition, if any merchant wants to opt in for faster transaction speeds when the main provider is slow, SmartLink’s 3G/4G Cellular Backup allows merchants to maintain that high speed transaction for purchases.

Mobile capabilities
Heartland uses Mobuyle as its mobile payment solution. Mobuyle is a card reader attached to an Android device but merchants can also use its manual entry with electronic signature capture.

Mobuyle, a $70 device, provides a primary or secondary checkout depending on the type of business you do. According to Heartland’s CIO in a Network World article, Mobuyle is more secure and cheaper than Square. Compared to Square’s 2.7 to 3.1 percent transaction fee, Mobuyle, on average, would charge 25 cents per purchase.

eCommerce platform support
Before we get into which platforms support Heartland, let’s go into a little bit more detail about virtual terminals for online platforms. Heartland’s Portico Virtual Terminal processes credit, debit, eCheck, and gifts with ease. Of course, Portico works both on a computer at a company’s sales station and a website, so the virtual terminal can support a card swiper and a manual plug-in of the payment data.

Portico is unique in that it offers a service called PayPlan. The name is fairly intuitive, but let’s go into some detail. If your customer can’t pay the full amount of a purchase right away, PayPlan offers payment schedules over weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly options.

Now going back to which major eCommerce platforms accept Heartland. If you use a third-party gateway, Heartland can most likely integrate with your payment system. With over 100 partner integrations, Heartland typically integrates well with any type of business.

Web Service API is available in multiple programming languages and supports “machine-to-machine interaction via the Internet.” Guides and access to a configuration portal is available online, too. Check out its developer portal for more details.

After its security breach six years ago, Heartland keeps on top of its security and privacy measures. From the time a card or other payment form is read at a sales station or online, Heartland’s end-to-end encryption ensures that all of customers’ and merchants’ data is protected. Heartland’s end-to-end encryption never decrypts in the process, so the ability for others to steal your information is significantly reduced. However, if Heartland’s E3end-to-end encryption is breached and you encounter fines, you will receive reimbursement, according to its E3 warranty.

In addition to Heartland’s end-to-end encryption, the company uses tokenization (both single- and multi-use) as well as PCI compliance standards and EMV standards.

Customer Service
Heartland’s customer service is available all day, every day. The company touts its five second average answer time for its customer service calls.

Heartland is somewhat active on its social media channels—Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. However, its phone service seems to be the best out of any outreach.
The bottom line

Quick summary
After Heartland’s security breach in the late 2000s, the company increased its security and its options to merchants. With the ability to complete transactions on many types of sales or make-shift sales stations, various businesses can implement Heartland’s services. Heartland’s secure payment process along with its 3G/4G cellular backup transaction speeds show that Heartland wants to make payment processing easier if any troubles occur.




Fees $60 flat rate plus 5 cents for each transaction
Payment Gateways In-house
Mobile Capabilities Mobuyle—card reader and manual entry
eCommerce Platform Support 100+ partner integrations
Security Top of the line
Customer Service Available 24/7



· Fast transaction speed and verification

· Low monthly fees for larger companies

· 3G/4G cellular backup transaction speeds

· Superb security measures

· 24/7 customer service

· Integration with eCommerce platforms

· Mobile and virtual terminals available

· PayPlan available

· Highest BBB rank of A+


· Expensive monthly fees for small companies

· Previous security breach


Contact Information

Phone: 1-888-963-3600

Location: 90 Nassau St. Fl. 2, Princeton, NJ, 08542


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