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How Pinterest Just Made It Easier for Brands to Post and Promote Ads


Pinterest just introduced their Marketing Developer Partners – a set of companies that are building tools to help brands publish their own pins. Partners such as Ahalogy, Buffer, Curalate and others are leveraging the Pinterest Application Programming Interface (API) to make it easier for you to create, schedule and publish pins and boards. The company is also experimenting with an Ad API in North America to help advertisers optimize their campaigns.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a free web and mobile application that provides visual discovery and bookmarking services. Individuals and businesses can create their own pages to promote themselves or their companies.

Today, individuals can pull content from brands’ websites and publish an image on Pinterest. But so far there hasn’t been a way for brands to pay to promote their pins as ads.

Introducing Pinterest’s New Ad Tools

The developer partners have built tools that, for example, will allow you to schedule pins or let your colleagues approve a pin through the marketing platform instead of via emails or messages. The full list of Marketing Developer Partners includes:

  • Ahalogy
  • Buffer
  • Curalate
  • Expion
  • NewsCred
  • Percolate
  • Shoutlet
  • Spredfast
  • Sprinklr
  • Tailwind

According to Jyri Kidwell, Pinterest’s Head of Marketing Developer Partnership, pins posted using the Marketing Developer Partners’ tools have above average re-pin rates. She explains, “The goal is to help businesses have tools where they can scale, optimize and manage their content on Pinterest, whether it’s organic or paid. But a likely scenario is that they’ll promote things that are getting good engagement, organic to paid.”

By leveraging their APIs and partnering with the best marketing and advertising platforms, Pinterest will ensure that customers gain access to the most cutting-edge tools. APIs enable companies or coders to extract information from applications and create interactions between different apps.

The company recently hosted its first partner event to teach developers about the new API offerings. While the Ad API is currently in the pilot phase, it will eventually enable services similar to Twitter’s promoted tweets, where a brand can pay to have their pin displayed more prominently to certain users.

How Pinterest’s Ad Tools Will Help Your Business

It’s unclear whether this launch will benefit small and medium-sized businesses or just big brands. Pinterest’s current marketing partners include social media management platforms that charge different prices for their individual tools. Buffer offers free services as well as paid, so presumably a smaller company could pay to gain access to the Pinterest tool that enables them to post pictures to the site. It’s interesting that the company is offering the service through third parties instead of directly through their platform like Facebook does with their advertising offerings. However, this is a new initiative that may shift and expand over time. Today two-thirds of the content that people post on Pinterest is from a business’ website, so it makes sense that the company is giving brands more ownership over their images on the website.

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