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How To Build A Mobile App

With the steady increase in technology in the past few years, more and more customers are turning to mobile solutions when it comes to consumer behavior. In fact, 68 percent of consumers use their smartphone apps for a majority of their online browsing, and 79 percent of users make use of their smartphone for online shopping. Mobile apps can help a consumer find your company’s nearest location, compare prices, get coupons and vouchers, write reviews, and make a purchase. Mobile apps are one of the fastest growing markets and industries in the United States at the moment due to the fact that people have more access than ever to information while on the go. Mobile apps have become the easiest platform for consumers to make information more easily accessible and also get it quicker. So does your small business need a mobile app? And if you do decide to go the app route, how do you make one?



Why You Need a Mobile App

Although there are a variety of other channels you can use for conversion, sales, and advertising, they come at a much steeper price than creating a mobile app. For example, print advertising is expensive and doesn’t deliver high returns so much so that most large businesses have made the switch to mobile platforms. And actually mobile advertising rates are the second lowest among all advertising mediums, costing less than digital, print, and broadcast channels. So because mobile apps have higher conversion rates than most other mediums and print advertising is still drastically expensive, it only makes sense for small businesses to make the change.


Besides being a less expensive method of engaging with your customers, mobile applications can also get your business noticed by a whole new demographic. Mobile apps are one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and more people are turning to their mobile devices to keep them connected. Creating a mobile app puts you on the mobile map! Because the number of mobile users increases dramatically each day, creating a mobile app and making your website have mobile capabilities makes it more likely for potential customers to find you while they are on the go.


Mobile applications also have the power to deliver your advertisements directly to your consumers. Apps have the ability to use social media integration, push notification, and frequent user incentives to get your business noticed!



How to Create a Mobile App 

Before you start building your app, you have to make some key decisions. Are you going to outsource the app and have it built for you or can you build it in-house? Or will you choose to use an app development service? And what is your budget?


·Outsourcing your app:
There are many app design companies that give you a variety of options when it comes to building an app for your business. Here are a couple great options:

Fueled – Fueled not only builds custom mobile applications for businesses but it also works on branding, websites, and web apps! Fueled creates apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Plus, the company strives to build apps that are used every single day and bring in more business for its consumers.

Sourcebits – Sourcebits creates custom mobile, cloud, and web development services. It is considered a global leader in design and engineering, and Sourcebits is known for its innovative style. Sourcebits has worked with Disney, GE, Coca-Cola, and many more top companies.


· App Development:
There are also plenty of services that allow you to manage and create your own mobile app. These tend to be much more standardized applications that run on templates, and some of them just sync your website to mobile, but there are still a lot of great options out there:
Bizness Apps – Using a platform like Bizness Apps to create your mobile app makes the process simple. Simply sign up, select the type of app you want, and then enter the information requested by the platform. It’s that easy!
Appsme – Appsme is another platform that makes building your mobile app extremely easy, and it has various pricing plans to fit every budget. The Appsme process is also a three step system that provides you with instructions on how to install the app.


If you have the technological capabilities, building an app in-house would be preferential because then you can explicitly design the app to your exact specifications.


Mobile apps are the future of businesses everywhere. In fact, mobile commerce is expected to exceed eCommerce within the next two years! It’s time to take your business mobile to increase your reach!

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