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4 Ways to Get Media Coverage for Your Small Business

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Media coverage can really help stimulate the growth of your business. The potential the right media coverage can bring in is absolutely astounding. Unfortunately, most small businesses struggle to decide what is newsworthy, how to get your news out there, and who to target.

Publicity can make or break your business, so do your homework, monitor your own media, make your own story, and release it to the public. The right type of media coverage has the possibility to thrust your business into a new market where you have the potential to grow and thrive. Not only can positive publicity ramp up your customer base and increase your sales but it can also be achieved at a low cost to your small business.

4 Easy Ways to Get More Media Coverage

1.Do Some Research

To garner the right positive media coverage, you need to know the media and your audience. The press is your direct pathway to your consumer market, so you need to make sure you are reaching the right people in an effective manner.

Know your target market, and know the target market of the major publications you are looking into. What kind of press does your target market typically listen to? Once you respond to that question, the answer is the best place to start when it comes to generating good media coverage.

Local newspapers are a great place for small businesses to turn to because they are both small and connect with the local community. You want to be certain that you are creating useful news for your audience that will be of interest to them. That is the best way to gain positive media coverage that puts your business in the spotlight.

It is important for you to understand that to get the kind of coverage you want from the media, you will have to read, watch, and listen to the media outlets you want to be featured in. Plus, building a relationship with the press helps for them to acknowledge your presence and for you to gain a better understanding of what type of stories they think are newsworthy. Getting to know specific journalists or reporters who cover topics in your industry is a great way to find the people who would be the most interested in your stories.

2.Create Content

The only stories that get good media coverage are the interesting ones that give readers and viewers new information about your brand. The best way to get information out about your business is to create your own content. Just remember that news outlets want stories, not advertisements.

When the stories are published on news sites, post the completed articles on all of your social media platforms. The most engaging stories get the most press and reach the widest range of people.

Having diverse content is also really helpful, so don’t constantly release the same or even similar information about your business. It will bore your audience. It is imperative that you know the story you want to convey to your audience because this is how you will make an impression on your target market. You can create opportunities for content too by getting your business more involved with a nonprofit or within your community. Media coverage can bring any project your business is working on to the attention of the public.

3.Create Pitches

The most effective way to get the attention of the media is to write pitches to go along with your press releases or news stories. Once you have identified your story angle, you have to reach out to the press with a concise, clear, and honest email that grabs their attention and makes them want to be the writer to break this story.

A pitch should be a brief summary of the story that intrigues the reporter and gets that journalist engaged. It is always helpful in your pitch to offer your assistance for any future articles or stories concerning your industry so that in the future you could become a leading source for this type of information.

The purpose of a pitch is to garner interest in your news. This is important because once the media is hooked, the public will soon follow. When crafting your pitches, make sure you have a good headline and subject, and keep your message short and to the point. Make your purpose known right from the beginning and give the reporter a clear understanding of your business and brand. The most important part of your pitch, however, will be content, so make sure you have an interesting story to tell. If you’re unsure of what makes an interesting story, review news values to see if your story matches with any of the values.

4.Write Press Releases

The best thing to include with a pitch is a press release. Press releases are direct, simple, and easy to understand. They quickly and effectively convey the story you are trying to get out.

General press releases should be used for business announcements such as fundraising or product launches. A good press release has an eye-catching heading and an informative first paragraph that lays out the facts about the story. Every good press release answers the five key questions: who, what, when, where, and why. Plus, including quotes from customers or from employees that convey a positive message about your business can provide substantial proof that people are interested in your business.


Once you have mastered the basics of generating positive media coverage, it is a lot easier to get other press opportunities. Getting in the news may be hard, but staying there isn’t if you are constantly coming up with innovative ideas for news stories that focus on your company culture and brand. It is OK to start small and stick with local publications because eventually your stories will spark interest all over your community!


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