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How to Increase Confidence as a Leader

How to Increase Confidence

Confidence is an essential part of leadership. In everything business owners face, from winning new business to speaking at a large conference, accomplishment requires both determination and a belief in your own abilities. Yet, there’s no guarantee that you’re confident in your ability to manage everything simply because you’re the CEO or you’ve launched a business.

In fact, Michael Hyatt writes on his blog that taking proactive steps to cultivate confidence is a critical part of “kicking fear to the curb:”

“Challenges are a constant, but confidence is not. It comes and goes. And I find I’m usually on the low end right on the front end. I experience the greatest doubt and anxiety at the start of something big. Whether it’s good or bad, I’m usually fine once I’m going. But until then, I’m like the person on the tip of the high dive, overlooking way too much blue. Here’s the problem: If you’re a leader, jumping isn’t optional. You have to go—and you have to go first.”

What can you do when it’s time to “jump” and you’re not feeling confident? Create a simple motivational statement that’s streamlined in the same way that a sales value proposition would be. Remember why you’re working so hard. Ask yourself what led you to work in this space. Do the problems your clients face negatively impact their lives? Are you offering a powerful solution? Do you have unique knowledge that can help improve the way that others live and work? Focus on the client, how you can solve their problem and why you’re uniquely positioned to assist them. Boil your motivational statement down to these essential parts and revisit it when you’re facing challenges that require a confidence boost to power through.