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4 Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Online marketing and social media have turned the Internet into a vast marketplace. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have already proven capable sale drivers, but has your business looked into how LinkedIn marketing can help boost your sales? Social media marketing is an inexpensive and simple way to market your business online that reaches people all over the world. LinkedIn is a business-networking site that allows professionals from around the world to connect with each other and share their experiences and knowledge. Currently LinkedIn connects over 50 million people in about 200 countries. LinkedIn spans over 100 different industries, meaning it can connect you with experts in accounting, marketing sales and much more.

Putting your company on LinkedIn gives other people the opportunity to learn more about your products, services, and brand and career opportunities.  Not only that, but LinkedIn connects you with so many professionals that each have their own wealth of knowledge, expertise and relationships. According to a LinkedIn study released this year, most small and even medium sized businesses are turning to social media to market to their customers and find new audiences as well, however LinkedIn gives these businesses another reason to turn to social media: business insights.

4 LinkedIn for Business Marketing Strategies

1. Get Started on the Right Foot

The first thing you need to do is create a personal LinkedIn account for yourself; you can then link your company to your personal profile. Before starting make sure you meet the company page requirements as set by LinkedIn, once you have done that follow the instructions for adding your companies official page. When adding your business to LinkedIn you can specify your industry, which instantly adds you to a network of professionals in that industry with skills and expertise to help you grow your business!

Once you have set up a profile for your business you will want to enrich it with content that will generate interest among professionals and consumers on the LinkedIn platform. The more complete your LinkedIn profile is, the more searchable your business will become.  According to a Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, the best thing you can do to start generating sales on LinkedIn is to make your profile strong, by making sure it encompasses the entirety of your brand.

To build a robust profile keep the content centered on your business or your audience; for example, if you primarily market to restaurants, share-interesting articles regarding the restaurant business via your LinkedIn business profile. By doing so you are building a relationship and trust with your connections and consumers. Connecting your profile to your website and blogs can also help drive traffic and eventually sales. Some of the largest and most successful companies on LinkedIn, like Suja Juice, explain their company’s culture through their LinkedIn biography as well as articulate their goals. This helps strengthen the consumer-merchant relationship because it helps the consumer view your business as caring, and dependable. The platform also allows your to list your products and services with a button that allows customers to request them (a great sales driver!)

2. Reach Out

Another great way to leverage LinkedIn for marketing is to create or join groups and discussions. Joining groups puts you in direct contact with people that may not be in your network but have an interest in your industry. Groups act as a target audience; you can directly communicate with the people in these groups by asking questions and forming discussions to get accurate customer insights.

Asking questions is a great way to learn more information about your consumer base and your industry as a whole. LinkedIn is has industry influencers that consistently post advice and interesting articles to the entire network. These articles are often filled with valuable information on how to run a business. Asking your consumers specific questions is a great way to survey your audience and learn more information about their wants and needs. You can also answer questions – this is an effective way to acquire new customers.

Discussions are a great way to get your brand name out there. Discussions are held within groups about specific topics. Starting a discussion can get people talking about your brand, especially if you continually emphasize your industry, services or products. Joining discussions can help build up your customer relationships; by conveying interesting and helpful information you are gaining the respect and trust of your audience.

3. Gaining Influence

Successful entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington and Richard Branson are constantly sharing their thoughts, ideas and industry news on their LinkedIn profiles. They are considered LinkedIn Influencers, they write posts with original content that receive millions of views on the website. Their posts range in topics from money saving tips to making sales calls. The influencer program can be a great place to turn to for advice on how to run your business because of the broad range of topics and writers. To make the most out of the influencer program follow as many influencers in your industry, or that you look up to, as possible and subscribe to LinkedIn channels, which are sorted by topic such as technology and healthcare. You can also post comments to discussions on influencer’s blogs to engage with them. A lot of the time they respond with expert advice, and it also gives you a chance to see other people’s perspectives.

4. Drive Sales

By putting your business on LinkedIn you are able to reach more people around the world but you are also being connected with people in your industry. LinkedIn takes advantage of an algorithm that takes your connects and followers, your employment history, and the companies and people you follow and makes suggestions of people and companies you should connect to or follow. This also means that registering your company in your industry’s network makes you more noticeable to others in your network. Your business will automatically be suggested to jobseekers in your industry as well as potential clients and followers.

LinkedIn has over 200 million members worldwide, so leveraging LinkedIn for sales through company pages, groups and ad is simple and inexpensive. The best thing you can do the drive sales via your LinkedIn profile is to make your products and services tab interesting, informational and captivating. Make sure there are updated pictures and videos and customer referrals as well. Regularly posting updated product information, pricing and how-to’s is a great way to keep your clients happy and entice new clients to want your services.

Optimizing your companies profile with keywords that describe your industry, products and services is also a great way to help prospective clients find you. LinkedIn’s search bar is set up so that it searches company profiles and people profiles as well as keywords on profiles, just like SEO. You can also take advantage of LinkedIn analytics to help you understand which of your updates are driving the most traffic as well as engagement.


LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with your loyal customers, as well as connect with prospective clients. Social media is a great alternative for marketing, especially for small businesses. Word of mouth, retargeting and SEO are powerful tools when it comes to driving sales and gaining brand recognition, so powerful that over one million small businesses utilize social media in some way. LinkedIn has taken social media to the next step by tailoring a platform specifically for businesses, so get started on building a profile for your company today!