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How to Read Your Prospects Minds with the Crystal Platform


Have you ever wanted to get inside the head of your prospects? Understand their personality? Know their likes? Be able to read what makes them more receptive to your message before you talk to them? Then it’s time to take a look at Crystal.

Crystal is a new platform that builds your influence online and improves your networking by empathizing with your email recipients. Crystal does this by recommending the patterns of communication you use with each person that you email.

While the technology is still in the infant stage of development, it promises to be a useful tool for any sales or marketing professional that wants to create personalized messages. Here are five ways you can leverage Crystal for your business:

  1. Email Prospects Based on their Personality

Ever since Carl Jung propagated the idea that people have different personality types, salesmen have wanted to capitalize on it to market to their prospects.

Crystal takes this idea of personality-based marketing into a whole new direction by speaking to every person in your address book in a communication style they feel comfortable using.

Imagine working with different prospects with different communication styles. How would you talk to them, and still sound natural? Crystal provides you with the methodology to do that through Gmail.

Before you click send, select the person’s profile you are speaking to at the moment. Crystal then breaks down the phrases, words and style you should use for your recipient.

  1. Stop Second Guessing Yourself When You Reach Out to Influencers

Has it ever taken you an hour to send a simple email to an influencer in your field or a potential client?

The problem is you try to get in their head to understand what they want out of the relationship. Each word is a make or break for you. It can be nerve racking, and the process often creates emails that sound unnatural.

With Crystal you can blend personality types in your email to get the best results possible. Create emails that sound like you, but also resonate with your recipient.

The Improve This Email feature allows you to change out words or remove those that do not work inside your Gmail account. It is very similar to using spell check. All you need to do is click ignore or click on the change to make it appear in your email.

  1. Incorporate into Gmail for Everyday Communication

The great thing about Crystal is that you can incorporate it into your everyday communication by using the Crystal Extension on Chrome. That way, you have it set up on your Gmail account to use whenever you send out a message. No message needs to be muted or weird ever again.

  1. Use as a Cheat Sheet Throughout the Sales Process

While the list of people included on Crystal is still limited, the information is eerily accurate. For example, Crystal knows that I like to hear stories over facts. It also knows that I have a sense of humor.

The tool then helps you use the best communication patterns throughout the sales process. While it is not perfect, Crystal felt that it was 59 percent accurate in its assessment of my personality based on my social media posts.

  1. Increase Your Empathy

Crystal’s philosophy is built upon an ancient principle: Communicate with empathy. Have you ever told a really poor joke in an email that just did not translate well? It bowled them over at the networking event, but brought crickets or worse in your last email to your prospect or partner.

When you email someone, you have to remember that they do not see the body language you use face to face. You also might not be able to read their expressions to understand the best email to send a prospect.

Take Kipp Bodnar, the VP for Hubspot. He mentioned how a company’s completely mistargeted email soured him on a company.

First, they assumed he was a customer. That should be handled with a better CRM, so we will not cover it in detail here. Second, the email was in his words “about nothing.” It had no actionable goal, and did nothing to progress the customer’s belief in the company. That is a complete email communication breakdown that happens because the company does not empathize with the client or understand where he/she is in the sales process.

When a company cannot even empathize enough to spare a customer an email that wastes time, it shows they do not care enough about the customer in general. This is why a technology like Crystal that helps businesses provide more empathy in their communication is desperately needed.

Final Thoughts

Crystal is currently in the invitation-only phase. They are still collecting data, and might be of limited use until they have reached the tipping point where they have enough data for the average user to regularly benefit from the technology.

As the platform grows and collects more data, it could become an essential tool for all sales professionals. After all, what business person does not want a cheat sheet to ensure that they say the right things to prospects and potential partners? Since the technology is still new, the big question now becomes how to use it to its fullest extent.

Let us know in the comments below how you plan to use Crystal for your business.


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